The personality and the role of Imam Khomeini in the contemporary world

Seyyed Sadrodeen, an Algerian contemporary thinker

Imam Khomeini (peace be upon him) was an exceptional man. That human being was God's gift for Muslims so that they can correct their direction and that had to do with Islam.

He brought out Islam from the corner of mosques and he guided and encouraged the people in order to be bale to implement Islam as a method of life. He was the one who made Muslims brave so that they can provide Islam to others. Now Muslims are proud that they are Muslims  while before Imam Khomeini's activities they did not dare to say that they were Muslims. Now they because of the presence of Islam feel they have power. Only Imam Khomeini showed us the true Islam and at this time given that his knowledge and that is something that he provided for the people he is able to differentiate between the real Islam and something else and like he said that means differentiating between Mohammadi pure Islam and American Islam.

Imam Khomeini made it clear for Muslims that they are powerful and they have many abilities and they should know them and have them at their service. Now Islam because of the Islamic revolution and also led by Imam Khomeini has a world aspect. That was his Excellency Imam that reminded Muslims of the prophet’s teachings

Seyyed Sadrodeen, an Algerian contemporary thinker 

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