Martyrs' Foundation was established by Imam’s directives

Martyrs' Foundation was established by Imam’s directives

With the direction of Imam Khomeini, the Martyr's Foundation was established to help and take care of the families of "martyrs" of the revolution, and the Iran-Iraq War and those who became disabled during that war.

The Martyrs Foundation provides a supportive social and economic framework for the families of martyrs and contributes greatly to their morale and motivation.

It is also a kind of appreciation for sacrifices rendered by the martyr families.  

Imam Khomeini on various occasions expressed good wishes for the families of those martyrs who lost their lives during the struggle for the Islamic Revolution, or those who were martyred during the eight-year long war imposed by the then Iraqi dictator Saddam and his colonial backers against Iran.  

The late founder of the Islamic Revolution used to remember the sacrifices rendered by martyrs for the divine purpose.  

Imam Khomeini always maintained that “martyrs are guests of God.”

Imam also explained the status of martyrs through his several historic speeches.  

 Imam once in this regard said as following:  

“We become sad about the loss of our dear ones because we consider them from us. We should consider things from God and see things as blessings bestowed upon us by God and taken away by Him. Martyrs are guests of God.”  

“If we really appreciate these concepts in our heart, it will be feast for martyrs, for those wounded in action and for those offering heir dear ones in the cause of God, because these dear ones are the dear ones of God; they are all from Him.”  

It is worthy to mention that when Imam returned to his homeland after nearly 15 years of exile, he first visited the shrine of martyrs who stood against the world arrogance and rendered unprecedented sacrifices for the victor of Islamic Revolution. 

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