Imam Khomeini had Godly leadership

Imam is always alive and permanent in the heart and the mind of us as a great revolutionary figure. The role that he played regarding the renewal of the Islamic life and that has different domestic and foreign dimensions is considerable and that deserves a deep pondering. The role that Imam Khomeini played regarding freeing the general public of Iran from oppression and from the domination of the foreigners is very clear. The advantage that success historical brings is related to the obligation of the determination of Imam and his having a certain goal. His leadership concerning his playing the role that had to do with his great duty has been very effective and the change in the destiny of the general public of Iran that had to do with the Islamic revolution was also a historical event and that revolution took place in 1979.

Imam had been a leader that was like a prophet and a thinker with great capability.

Through his leadership that was like that of a prophet Imam Khomeini awakened and raised the statues of the world of the Muslim world.

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