Except the abode of the beloved nowhere I have,

Except the soil of your door no desire there is in my mind.

At the door of the tavern, idol temple, mosque and the monastery,

I genuflect to attract your attention.

By the sheikh’s speech and the school no problem was solved,

Glance! To solve our problems.

The dervish and sufi so much boasted selfishly,

Manifest, so that abolish I and we from my heart.

I am not, no-existence, that existence exists in His annihilation,

You pay attention to the naught as the naught am I.

Those of perceptive and joyful ones that I was looking for,

From the banquet organizer witness no song heard I.

The hermit of that curtain-dweller I am day and night,

So that by her glance a drop can be changed into a sea!

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