BBC documentary contains baseless and unfounded allegations: Dr. Hamid Ansari

BBC documentary contains baseless and unfounded allegations: Dr. Hamid Ansari

Dr. Hamid Ansari says a documentary released by the state broadcaster, the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), has attributed baseless and unfounded allegations toward the late founder of the Islamic Republic.

Commenting on the documentary and its contents, the deputy head of the institute for compilation and publication of Imam Khomeini’s works said that the channel had distorted historic statements by Imam for its own political motivations and mislead the public.

Dr. Hamid Ansari went onto say that Imam had never said that shielding the system through hook or crook or by any means or at any cost had been the greatest duty of the nation.   

Instead Imam in a historic expression had said that “protecting or preserving the Islamic system had been one of the most important duty and responsibility.”

The reputed scholar also rejected an accusation by the BBC documentary that some phrases were eliminated by Imam’s famous book on “Islamic Governance or guardianship of Jurist”.

Dr. Hamid Ansari explained the book has been published in accordance with the original script which include famous lectures by Imam on the Islamic government, which were originally delivered during Imam’s stay in exile in the holy city of Najaf.

Overstepping all professional and ethical standards, the foreign outlets such as BBC Persian has launched a vast vicious propaganda campaign against Iran and Iranian nation in order to defame Iran and Islamic establishment and its Islamic and democratic system.

On several occasions, the BBC and its sister organizations have distorted the historical facts regarding Imam and the history of the Islamic Revolution.

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