Imam's leadership had boosted spirit of youth and people

Imam's leadership had boosted spirit of youth and people

Memoirs by Fatima Tabatabaei

It has been recalled through a series of memoirs that people spirit had been unprecedented just before months the final victory of the Islamic revolution

This was despite all that the Shah regime had launched a repressive crackdown against supporters of Imam.

People used to share their radios and other media tools to share the news while sitting up in circles from foreign media outlets because the domestic media at the time had launched a widespread blackout regarding news about Imam and the Islamic revolution

The people also witnessed that the youth had provided families with food and fuel for the sake of Imam and revolution

Moreover, several instances, street clashes or family disputes were settled in the name of Imam.

Imam Khomeini monitored the events leading to revolution from exile. Imam spent nearly 15 years in exile before returning homeland in 1979.

(A collection of memoirs, memoirs by Fatima Tabatabaei, PP. 448-450)


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