Imam Khomeini's Last Will remains guidance for faithful people across Iran and elsewhere in world

Imam Khomeini's Last Will remains guidance for faithful people across Iran and elsewhere in world

The Last Will of the founder of the Islamic Republic contains several precious points and spiritual treasures which will continue to guide present and future generations for decades and centuries to come.

The text of the political and religious testament of the Leader of the Islamic Revolution and the Founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran,' Imam Khomeini remains a guidance for believers across Iran and elsewhere in the world

Imam's Last Will contains guiding line on a variety of issues regarding the Islamic Republic and future of the Muslim world. 

Imam’s Last Message contains social, moral, spiritual and philosophical and monotheistic points which could determine the fate of the Muslim world and all the oppressed nations if they pay proper attention to it. It is also full of lessons for individuals, world leaders, the government officials and masses.

The part of which comes as following: 

The magnificent Islamic Revolution in Iran, which has been the accomplishment of millions of estimable people and the product of the effort of thousands of memorable martyrs and disabled citizens -the Living Martyrs- and which is the hope of millions of world Muslims and oppressed masses, is so great an achievement whose description defies the power of pen and speech.

I, Ruhollah Musavi Khomeini, who, despite the bulk of my faults, am not hopeless about the great benevolence of the Supreme Lord, and who am setting out to the next world with a travel kit for this perilous journey solely of my trust in the benevolence of the Generous Supreme Being, take this opportunity to mention a few items -repetitious as they may seem- in my capacity as a humble student of religion, placing my hope, like my brothers-in-faith, on this revolution and on the permanency of its fruits and its further fruition, doing so as my last will and testament to the present generation and to our dear future generations, and imploring God, the Merciful, to inspire me with absolute sincerity in my so doing.

We understand that this Great Revolution which curtailed influences of world-devourers and tyrants1 from the great Iran triumphed with the Invisible Help of His Divinity. In the face of the vast propaganda against Islam and the ulama, especially during the present century; of the bulk of the divisive insinuations by publicists, and silver-tongued people in the print media and in public meetings disguised as expressions of nationalistic sentiments; of the bulk of the facetious poetry and derisive witticisms, of the number and variety of quarters for prostitution, gambling, immoral amusements, drinking and narcotics aimed at attracting the young generation -a generation with an inherent commitment to the progress of our beloved country- towards corruption and indifference towards the treacherous acts of the corrupt Shah and his uncultured father; of the governments and puppet parliaments imposed on the nation by foreign embassies in Iran; of the status of colleges, universities, high schools and educational institutions with their West-struck or East-struck (gharbzadeh ya sharqzadeh) teachers and professors hostile to Islam, to the Islamic and national culture, for that matter, posing themselves as promoters of nationalism, against the presence in their circles of committed and very concerned people who could not do anything because of their being only a hard-pressed small minority; of tens of other problems, such as the government led isolation of the scholars (ulama) and the adulteration of the ideology of many of them by force of the state propaganda machinery, this nation of 36 million could not possibly have succeeded in their solid uprising with a unity of purpose and with the call of God is Great (Allahu Akbar) relying solely on their own miraculous self-sacrifices, sweeping out the ruling powers in the country and doing away with the foreign powers, making themselves the master of their own fate.

No doubt, therefore, the Islamic Revolution in Iran stands out from all other revolutions for its origin, for the features of its struggle and for the motive behind it. Doubtless the Revolution in this country has been a gift of God and a favor from the Invisible bestowed on this ravaged and tyrannized nation.

 Islam and the Islamic government are divine entities, the fulfillment of which guarantee prosperity in this world and salvation in the Hereafter in its optimum form. It is capable of nullifying injustices, tyrannies, ravages and corruption, and of helping humanity attain its loft y goal. It is an ideology which, unlike irreligious ideologies, has guidelines for and oversees every aspect of the private life of the people as well as the social, material, spiritual, cultural, political, military and economic system of the society without overlooking any point, however trivial it may seem in connection with the education of men, and the society and their material and spiritual progress, reminding man of stumbling blocks and impediments on the road to perfection and offering solutions to those problems.

Now that with the grace of God the Islamic Republic has been instituted with the mighty hands of the committed people of this country, and bearing in mind the supremacy of Islam and Islamic edicts as far as it concerns the Islamic Republic, it is the obligation of the noble people of Iran to strive for the fulfillment of all aspects of the system, since the preservation of Islam takes precedent over all other obligations.

It is worthy to mentions that several of works left by Imam Khomeini, the founder of the Islamic Republic contain mystical treasures and the great scholar of contemporary era has touched upon on various issues with genuine Islamic approach.

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