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Epic of the century

Imam Khomeini was an epic and example for the Eastern World. His last Will is an outcome of years of his struggle, which can be a prototype for the World's leaders.

Jamil Ahmadli, the Vice-Chancellor of Diplomacy College for higher education Azerbaijan



Imam Shakes Castles of Rebellion Powers

Imam Khomeini trembled the palaces of the exploiting powers. Imam Khomeini was a great leader, politician and high profile Jurist who created a significant evolution in thoughts and paved a way toward divine preaching.

The Islamic revolution led by Imam Khomeini, undoubtedly, made the Muslims familiar with their obligations and the fruits of his movement are evident in different parts of the World.

Imam Khomeini stands a guidance lamp for the Muslims through which they can turn down the false and establish the truth powers.

Imam's thoughts and speech are unique on the Palestine issue. His declaration on Last Friday from the holy month of Ramadan as 'Quds Day' depicts the significance of the issue in Imam's thought.

Abdul Latif – Secretary General of Islamic Amal party and the former speaker of Jordanian parliament.



The personality, which blessed Muslims with enthusiasm:

The major achievement of Imam was that he blessed the Muslims with enthusiasm so they can resist against the Western powers. The Imam's influence in the Islamic countries has a great significance. He was able to open a route, which had lead to the Muslim unity. This way does not belong only to Iranians, but also include the unity message for the all-Muslim nations.

Ali Yaqeh, the head of Indonesian Scholars' Council



The champion of return to Islam

Imam Khomeini surpassed all boundaries of blind imitation which had overshadowed the Islamic and non-Islamic institutions. While holding Qur'an in his hand, he announced a return to Islam as a real life and blessed this notion with new spirit. The most important task carried out by the late Imam was the implementation of the religion as a political system capable of establishing a government and running the society.

Mohammad Saeed Shahabi, editor in chief of Arabic language Al-Alam magazine.



The undefeatable leadershıp

The aspects of Imam Khomeini leadership in the recent century are unprecedented. The late Imam has been an undefeated leadership in face of the so-called superpowers. The most significant quality, in my opinion a secret key to his success, was his vision of considering all huge and magnificent powers as naught. It was because he placed the divine power – which earns strength everlasting fountain-against the World's powers.

This reality was a key to his success. After his passing away, such thinking also was rooted among other people from the Muslim nations as well. He did his best to preach this thinking for the Iranian nation and the entire humanity as a lesson of salvation.

I believe, if someone has faith in God's unity-as Imam himself was its prominent model- could negate all other powers except than God. It was due to that fact that Imam Khomeini had the leadership of the Islamic community. People not only have a look at him as a significant member of government but accepted his decrees as a member of the Islamic society.

Ahmad Emaduddin, the chancellor of Dhaka University



The Reviver of the Islamic Civilization

The victory of the Islamic revolution in Iran revived the Islamic civilization in the entire world. We consider it as a gift from Imam Khomeini and have a faith in its greater value.

Abdurrahman Baisewass, the former president of Bangladesh



Imam Khomeini as patient and unwearied

The confidence and faith in the leadership plays a decisive and crucial role in the victory of revolution and movement.  One of the significant characteristic of Imam was that he was determined about his objective and aspirations, and he could make his nation reach to the ultimate destination. He was not hard-liner and he never adopted extreme or violent method in his struggle. He even tolerated 15-year of exile in this regard. We examine in the life of the holy prophet-despite that he was the messenger of God- that he sought required preparedness in advent of each task. However, our state shows that we utter great words without any pre-readiness…having specified strategy and adopting suitable tactics was a key to the success of Imam Khomeini… Our essential problem is absence of aware and sovereign leadership, which can lead the nation toward evolution and growth.

Ali Ahsan Muhammad Mujahid – the social welfare minister -Bangladesh



A guidance Lamp for the Muslims

The Islamic republic of Iran has a great importance for us. The messages by Imam Khomeini stand as guidance lamp for the Muslims, and the Muslim nations will benefit from the reflection of illuminated- exalted thoughts of Imam in future. I consider Iran as my own homeland and the Muslim-dominated Pakistan is home to the Iranians as well. Nothing makes me as much happier as a successful and powerful Iran in the region.

Late Benazir Bhutto, the former prime minister of Pakistan



The reviver of Status and real value of Woman

The leadership of Imam Khomeini revived Islam and the Muslim woman    recovered her real status and value. He honored Iranian women as a prototype for the other women of the world.

Zaidi, the advisor to Nusrat Bhutto – the former federal minister



Imam as a Champion of the Unity

Imam Khomeini, by establishing the Islamic government, showed the World that the Islamic formulas and principals could be implemented as government form in our current societies. Imam Khomeini also brought hope for all those oppressed people that by forming unity columns against exploiting powers and the victory could be achieved.

One of the best fruit of Imam's effort was establishing unity among all the Muslims' sects. He constantly was a champion of unity between the sects of Shia and Sunnis and among the oppressed people and acted upon it. We, by following the thoughts of Imam Khomeini, we make efforts to create unity among the different Muslims factions and groups. Moreover, to some extent the success was achieved.

The way to unity among the Muslims groups, by Imam Khomeini has been illuminated. We will pave this way and we will continue his unity thoughts.

Muhammad Aslam Saleemi, the Secretary General of Jammat Islami Pakistan



An ideology to answer traditional and modern enquiries

Imam Khomeini founded a best and unique Islamic-democratic system based on pure Islamic thought and teachings and the Iran’s Islamic Revolution left very positive impact with regard to change of power balances in the region and across the globe.

The revolution and Imam’s dynamic thought are still inspiring Islamic awakening across the region and the globe since its victory in Iran more than three decades ago.

The great Imam kept the doors of Ejtihad and dynamic thought open for finding answers to new and modern era enquiries.  Imam also put special emphasizes on making vast use of scientific researches and interdisciplinary approaches to enrich and strengthen the Islamic system.

Farmani Altoon, the chairman of Ahl ul-Bayt Foundation in Turkey



The reviver of human values in contemporary century

The founder of the Islamic Republic has become unique and matchless personality due to his knowledge, wisdom and reviving human values in contemporary century.

Imam Khomeini also became very popular among Tajik public and literary figures, poets and activists. Several of them have written books, composed poems about Imam and the Islamic revolution under his wise leadership at very sensitive juncture of history.

The world spiritual and religious leader of the world raised the divine flag at a time when the whole world was suffering from moral and social decline. The Iranian nation gained independence and freedom and reduced their reliance on western powers under his wise leadership and guidance.  The other nations can also follow the suit and this pattern to gain ideals. 

Maryam Nur Ava, the head of oriental studies department at Tajikistan University


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