Iran, US and UK: 1953 coup d'état revisited

Iran, US and UK: 1953 coup d'état revisited

Well, little by little, the Western historians are starting to come to grips with the reality of the 1953 coup staged by the British intelligence agency MI6 and the American CIA against the democratically elected Mossadegh government in Iran.

By Kevin Barrett

There's been a few revelations recently. There's a film that came out last August called Coup 53 and the director Taghi Amirani discovered that there had been censorship back in the 1980s and 90s as The Guardian and The Observer had censored out some of the most interesting information about this 1953 coup, including direct proof that the British agent Norman Darbyshire went ahead and confessed that he had spent a tremendous amount of money to overthrow the government of Iran, and he was told that he could have as much money as he needed to overthrow that government through legal or quasi-legal means.

And this was all censored out of the reports in the Western media including The Guardian decades ago, and now it's been rediscovered. The Guardian now is admitting that in fact the British were orchestrating this uprising including paying for kidnapping, torturing and fake protesters flooding the streets of Tehran.

And we already knew some of this, in fact, quite a lot of it. It's been revealed by many other researchers. There's a book out there called The Coup by Ervand Abrahamian, which is pretty good, that shows how all of this criminality was used to overthrow the democratically elected government of Mossadegh (pictured below) purely because the British saw democracy in Iran as a threat to their oil monopoly there.

And we learned in the book The Coup that the gangsters of south Tehran—the two leading gangsters were nicknamed Icy Ramadan and Brainless Shaban—these thugs were paid vast amounts of money by the US and British intelligence agencies to organize fake protests to pay gangsters and mobsters to come out into the streets and raise hell, commit violence and terrorize people and give the impression that there was some sort of uprising. And then this was cover for the actual coup d'etat which was running on vast piles of money being spent by the intelligence agencies.

So what can we learn from these new revelations? Well, we can look at the fake protests in Iran that are still being orchestrated by the same kinds of people, the American intelligence agencies in cahoots with the Shah's friends in Los Angeles and the other Iranian Gusanos or worms—that's what the Cubans call people like that—who fled the revolution with their money and settled in comfortable houses next to the Zionist community in Los Angeles and teamed up with that Zionist community, and took lots of us taxpayer money to try to overthrow the Islamic Republic and the current democratic system in Iran in order to reinstall a puppet dictator—maybe the Shah's grandson or whoever—and this is still going on.

And so we still have the equivalents of Icy Ramadan and Brainless Shaban in Iran: gangsters taking Western intelligence money to try to overthrow their own country. These people are of course traitors.

And we can also see how those alliances have unlimited money because they work for the international banking cabal that creates all Western currency out of nothing, by lending it into existence at interest, and then taking back that money, recouping the loan plus the exponentially increasing compound interest.

So the banking cabal that owns the Western intelligence agencies literally creates the entire money supply out of nothing and can create as much as they want for any purpose they want. So they have unlimited money to try to subvert countries like Iran and any other country that tries to be independent and stand up for the best interests of its own people.

So that's essentially what's going on in the region today, and in much of the world, as this banking cartel seeks to take over the entire world using these kinds of criminal means.

And when will it stop? Well, maybe not only when people in Iran stand up against it as they have, but when people in the West realize that this criminal banking cartel doesn't have their best interests at heart either. It is exacting a 33% usury tax on every good and service that passes through their hands! When people realize that they are being bled dry by this parasitical bankster criminal organization, then, we will have our equivalent of the 1979 Iranian Revolution, overthrow the bankster dictatorship, and get a genuinely democratic system here in the West.

Report shows how MI6 was given free hand in 1953 Iran coup

Kevin Barrett is an American author, journalist and radio host with a Ph.D. in Islamic and Arabic Studies. He has been studying the events of 9/11 since late 2003. He recorded this article for Press TV website. 


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