World is a path to be followed to reach the destinations, Imam Khomeini highlighted

World is a path to be followed to reach the destinations, Imam Khomeini highlighted

According to Imam Khomeini, the whole world is not the ultimate goal before the Prophets. Rather, it is a path to be followed to reach the destinations which is the high grade of humanity. If a creature reached that high human grade, one will achieve a happiness which is not limited just to this world. The ultimate goal is the world behind this one.

Imam on an occasions explained the subject as following:

The 'selves' of mankind in this world varies according to creation but they undergo a lot of differences due to the various training of different environments. In one place, the training is anti­human and immoral while in another, the training is human.

If our spiritualities and our tendencies towards the Quran are preserved, we will be victorious in the end, whether we embrace martyrdom which is a great success or we become victorious.

If you seek to implement the Islamic Revolution and the Cultural Revolution in Iran, first of all, this revolution should begin from your inner self. Your soul should undergo changes.

If decadent ethics and mentality takes place, this will be a return to the past and this will be 'reactionaryism'.

A person who is knowledgeable of the monotheistic sciences, religious sciences and ethics and knows all these sciences well but he is not purged and purified yet, such a person will become a dangerous creature for society.

The assignment of the Prophet of Islam was basically for education and training. To recite verses, signs, and the signs of the sciences whereby every science is considered to be a sign, to recite the signs for the people and purify and purge them and to cleanse their 'selves'.

If the 'selves' are not purged and purified and if they are not purified from corrupt qualities, science will have adverse effects.

When knowledge comes before purification and when this knowledge-bearer who is the outcome of this knowledge, is not purged, he will become a dangerous person for society. In this case, there is no difference between religious ulama’ or university ulama’, and so on.

That knowledge-bearer who is not as yet purged and purified, will pose more danger than the ignorant person. If an ignorant person is corrupt, he will only harm himself but a corrupt know­ ledge-bearer will corrupt and contaminate the whole world.

Purifications is prior to teaching and learning. The Prophet (of Islam) is assigned to purge, to educate and to prepare the 'selves' and then teach them the Book and Wisdom. If the Book and Wisdom are not accompanied by education and purification, a creature will come out such as those in the Senate and National Assembly during the pre-Revolution era, i.e. the deputies of the houses of the Parliament during the time of the deceased Shah.

Education will be useful when it is accompanied with purification and the training of the mind and ethics in universities and other centers of learning, in places where the religious ulama’ are present, or in places where non-religious teachers are present, Imam further explains.

In Islam, ethical teachings are also political ones. This same commandment in the Quran saying that the believers are brothers to one another is an ethical, social and political order. If the believers — various ethnic groups who are in Islam and believe in God and the Prophet of Islam — act in a fraternal manner with one another, this will create affection among all classes and groups in the same way that a brother feels affection towards his own brother. This in addition to being a great Islamic ethical rule with great ethical consequences; it is also a great social commandment with important consequences. (August 18, 1980)

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