He went to the clinic unaccompanied

At the same time that he was a father figure for the entire theological school and his students, but he would act like a friend with individuals and would not show any negative reaction to a word of good. He would listen to everybody and if it was good, he would implement it whereas if it was not good, he would pay no attention. One day a dentist came to the residence of the Imam to check his teeth. The late martyr Muhammad Muntaziri protested to the Imam that why he did not go to the clinic. The Imam listened to him and accepted his suggestion. Thereafter the Imam visited the clinic of the dentist on several occasions. In the method of teaching of the Imam one never noticed him to be overtaken with pride because of his knowledge. He would always remark that, “it is possible that it is this way and it is possible it is that way.”

He went to the clinic unaccompanied; Muhammad Rida Sajjadi Isfahani

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