If he had an appointment he would not revoke

The Imam observed a specific discipline. His tasks would be performed at specific hours meaning that he was extremely diligent about eating his meals at a specific hour, sleeping at a specific hour and waking up at a specific hour. If he had to attend to a job or had an appointment with a person he would never revoke it. One of the secrets to the success of the Imam was that he observed discipline in all affairs; and from his youth he had a reputation for being neat and organized. He was so organized and meticulous that for instance he ate his lunch at a specific hour and if he would be late by five minutes, the members of the household would worry why he was late by a few minutes. This meant that everybody would involuntarily be drawn to his room and would see for example, that Haj Ahmad had arrived and was asking a question from the Imam resulting in the Imam's delay.[1]

[1]If he had an appointment, he would never revoke it: Mrs. Farideh Mustafawi

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