Daily routine in the hard-working period in Paris

In addition to speeches and meetings with students and other strata of people that would take place daily while in Paris, the Imam personally included the following instances in his daily program: replying to religious questions and subjects, reading the translated newspapers, important analyses and reports of foreign newspapers, reading and analyses of news and reports received from Iran pertaining to the events of the Revolution and affairs of the country, going through the letters received from political and religious figures from inside and outside the country; replying to important letters; personal meetings with various individuals, giving interviews and responding to the queries of local and foreign journalists; writing messages and statements on various occasion in the course of the Revolution; performing the mandatory and optional religious duties and reciting an entire chapter of the glorious Qur'an daily at eight intervals and meeting with the family and members of the household.[1]

[1]Daily routine in the hard-working period in Paris

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