We have delegated authority for our affairs to God

When the agents of the Government of Kuwait recognized the Imam at the border crossing, they did not agree to allow him to enter Kuwait. I was truly overcome with sorrow and asked the Imam why he had left Najaf. He stated: "They threw us out. They sent us away but we came on our own to Kuwait." Twice the Imam was forced to return to Iraq. I asked him whether I should go and speak with the Kuwaiti officer and he responded: "Never, isn't it a pity for you to go and sell yourself to him? We shall return; we are with God." When the Imam felt that I was anxious, during our return journey to Iraq, he gave me one or two words of advice that, "You should not be anxious because our affairs are not in our own hands; we have delegated authority of our affairs to God (reference to a verse in the glorious Qur'an). Whatever He has ordained for us, that is to our benefit."

Thereafter, he began the journey while I did not have peace of mind not knowing what they would do to the Imam then. On his arrival in Paris, the Imam immediately asked Mr. Ferdowsi-Pur to call me up as I was very distressed.[1]

[1]We have delegated authority for our affairs to God: Sayyid 'Abbas Mihri

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