Imam Khomeini presented new interpretation of life

Amado Watt, Author and Researcher

No doubt, Imam Khomeini’s emergence at the end of the last century left deep impact and was too influential. He opened the door to a new interpretation of life and confronted the material powers and found ways to develop and expand the religious circles and communities.

 In addition to that, he dealt with rationally the innovations and modernities in current era.

Imam Khomeini maintianed the door to ijtihad once again should be opened so that the society could accept the contemporary developments that it grapples every day.

Imam Khomeini undertook very serious efforts to determine the fate and build ideal Islamic society suggested that everyone should contribute towards it.

 Imam Khomeini, who led the unprecendented Islamic Revolution, raised great amount of awareness and Islamic consciousness among followers of divne relgions.

(Amado Watt, Author and Researcher)


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