Look at my dress, it is also torn apart

Look at my dress, it is also torn apart

It has been reported through a series of memoirs that Imam Khomeini used to take care of seminary students. If Imam felt any of those students were not well dresses or grappling with povery, he used to recommend his collegues or relevant persons to fulfill their finacial needs from relgious dues or public funds.

But at the same time, Imam also expected from the needy persons to protect their self-esteem and dignity and show maximum self-restraint. If Imam felt that some body wanted to make misuse or wanted to take misadvangtage, he preventing such shameless persons by saying “look at my dresses are torn apart”.

Imam was very concered about the finacial needs of the seminary students, but also expecte them to exercise restraint and shield their self-esteem.

(Memoirs by Hojjat al-Islam Mohammad Reza Naseri, extracted from “special events from Imam Khomeini’s life, Volume: 4, P. 129)


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