Iranian Islamic Intellectuals

Ayatollah Muhammad Ali Araki

Peace be upon the great and the divine spirit of the offspring of GOD's descendant and the deserving deputy of the Infallibles who has spent his precious life on reviving the Islamic society and reviving the dignity and the grandeur of the divine religion.

Ayatollah Sayyid Muhammad Rida Golpayegani

GOD's peace and merci upon the great spirit of the man who revived Islam with his glorious endeavors and self-giving and his decisive leadership and conveyed the massage of monotheism to the world and returned the dignity and the grandeur of Muslims to them and trembled the oppressors' hearts by his firm shout.

Ayatollah Sayyid Shahubuddin Mar'ashi Najafi

God's salute upon Ruhollah who broke all the political analysis of the enemies of Islam and triumphed the big colonizing powers.

Ayatollah Sayyid Rida Baha'oddini

His resistance on his goals and against the oppression and injustice is an Islamic invitation to GOD and his messenger who had the pagans to react, thus the oppression confronted him with all its power.

Martyr Ayatollah Sayyid Muhammad Baqir Sadr

Among the great prophet's followers there are a few who left such a great impact of themself on the society.
Drown in Khomeini in the way he was drowned in Islam.

Ayatollah Abdullah Javadi Amoli

Imam Khomeini was one of the greatest deputies of the infallibles.
He gave life to the spirits… and in the ray of spirit revival, he revived the divine sciences and God the pure approved him with invisible assistances. Imam made the isolated Quran known again and the hidden tradition, the grand tradition and he made the isolated religion the familiar religion.

Martyr Ayatollah Ata'ullah Ashrafi Esfahani

No one can be compared with Imam Khomeini.

Ayatollah Muhammad Fazel Lankarani

Certainly, Imam was a symbol of a perfect human; we may not find someone like him in the history of the Shiite leaders and the world of Islam.

Ayatollah Sayyid Ali Khamenei

◊ He taught everyone that being a perfect human, living like Imam Ali (a.s.) and moving towards the boundaries of purity is not a legend
He was a man of praying, solitude, orison and connection with God, poem, spirituality and theosophy; a man who made the enemies of Islam scare and tremble, that stable mountain was a gentle, perfect and a kind man when there was a human and emotional matter.
Who's there that doesn't know our Khomeini and who's there that knows him properly, my words can't bear including that glorious truth and precious essence in itself.
Everyone should try to identify Imam Khomeini's character with the same great dimensions.

◊ Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khamenei as the firm follower of Imam Khomeini has always spoken of the power and glory of the Imam and described his management as follows: “He was the full exemplar of a Muslim and an Islamic leader. The Imam granted dignity to Islam and hoisted the banner of the holy Quran in the world. In the era that all powerful political hands were trying to isolate religion, spirituality and moral values, Imam Khomeini (God’s mercy upon his soul) created a system based on religious, spiritual and moral values and founded an Islamic government and policy. Imam Khomeini administered and safeguarded the Islamic Republic for 10 years and brought it to a height of glory. His 10 year leadership is an unforgettable memory and a precious reservoir for our people and our managers.”

Hujjatolislam Ali Davani

The calm, descent visage, the rhythmic, counted movements, the regular, trenchant looks, his head and hands movements when sitting and standing up, the calm measured way of speaking and extreme dignity when walking that predicates his sublime spirit, added to his unique attractiveness.

Ayatollah Hussain Mazaheri

Imam was a symbol of Islamic morality… one of his privileges was the avoidance from the Haraams (religiously forbidden), not committing even one Makruh (religiously recommended not to be done) and even if there was the doubt of committing a sin he appeared to be anxious.

Martyr Ayatollah Murtada Mutahhari

◊ The man, who wrote those sharp announcements in the days, conversed with God at least one hour at the dawns and he wept in the way that was unbelievable, this man was a complete example of Imam Ali (a.s.).
Imam Khomeini's call arose from the culture and spirit of this nation, the nation who had heard the epics of Muhammad, Zahra, Hussein, Zeinab, Salman, Abu Dhār and thousands of other men and women and these epics were united with their souls and once more they heard that familiar call from a man whom they saw Ali and Hussein in his face.
People who always had the dream to be of the friends of Imam Hussein (a.s.), suddenly found themselves in a stage as such, as if they saw Hussein…they saw Karbala, Hussein, Badr, Uhud, Tabouk and Khaybar.

◊ The great Iranian thinker martyr Morteza Motahhari in his book titled "About the Islamic Revolution", regarding the religious political personality of Imam Khomeini says, “I found 3 points in Imam Khomeini which increased my faith in him. First, faith in the goal; that is, if the entire world gathers together they cannot force him to give up his goal. Secondly is the faith in people. Third and the most important of all is the faith in God and trusting Him. Based on this, Imam Khomeini (God’s mercy upon his soul) as the theorist of the Islamic movement and founder of the Islamic Republic system led the revolution both inside Iran and in the world.”

Martyr Ayatollah Muhammad Sadughi

Whatever we have is because of this intellectual man and it is he who gave us spiritual lives.

Martyr Ayatollah Sayyid Muhammad Rida Saeedi

Till I'm alive I'll speak about Imam Khomeini.

Martyr Ayatollah Sayyid Asadollah Madani

How can it come to believe that a man who was the cause of that excitement and movement, the owner of that power and glory is not with us now, how can a man whose traces has filled our society considered lifeless while we face a new trace of his wherever we go and the whole world is talking about him.

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