Conference of "Boosting unity among Muslim world from viewpoint of Imam Khomeini"

Place of Conference: Tehran, the Iranian capital, IRIB hall for international summits
Time of Conference: June 2, 2009
Administrator: Headquarters tasked with commemorating Imam Khomeini passing anniversary
Secretary of the Conference: Dr. Mohammad Moghadam

The conference's axis:

- Muslim unity and the Palestinian issue

- Establishing a united front of the oppressed people

- The paths leading to realization of unity among the Muslim world

- True promoters and preachers of unity among the Muslim world

- Practical outcome and results of the realization of Islamic unity

- The essence and essential elements of the realization of Islamic unity

- The role of Hajj pilgrimage and other Islamic rituals in proximity of Islamic sects and schools of thought closer together

- Major strategies for creating unity in the Islamic world

- The basic themes and axes of unity in Islamic thought and sources

- The role of great powers in sowing seeds of discord and divisions and in the Muslim world

- Tangible and desirable solutions for accomplish unity among the Muslim world

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