Imam Khomeini prayed and thanked lady who knitted jacket for him

Imam Khomeini prayed and thanked lady who knitted jacket for him

 A woman namely, Mahīn Muhammadī, who by herself knitted a jacket for Imam and sent it to Imam Khomeiniwith expressing great devotion and appreciating Imam’s divine-oriented personality. On his part, Imam also expresses his thanks and appreciation and prayed for her success. The text of the letter comes as following:



Date: February 24, 1983 [Esfand 5, 1361 AHS / Jamādī al-Awwal 10, 1403 AH]

Place: Jamārān, Tehran

Subject: Expression of thanks and gratitude

Addressee: Mahīn Muhammadī



[In His Most Exalted Name


Blessed Presence of the beloved Imām,


Really, what day is it? I think I am dreaming and cannot believe that on such a day the Imām, this sage of Jamārān shall read my letter and accept my unworthy gift. O my God, can I have this fortune? O beloved Imām, with my own money and my own hands I have knitted this sweater for you in the hope that it will be a means to bear witness on the Day of Judgment that O God, I love the beloved Imām and the deputy of your Messiah Imām of the Time. You should not allow the hand that has stitched a sweater for this Imām to return in despair from Your Court. Dear Imām, I plead with you to accept this unworthy gift that has treaded a long distance and not break my heart because I have aspirations. But dear Imām, I would like you to put on the sweater at least for once even if it is not of use and bless it for it is a source of pride for me. Dear Imām, I have another desire also which is to favor me with a few words in your own handwriting. You will make your child to become infinitely happy. I shall thank God and shall make a will to bury those few words with me in my grave. In need of your prayer,


Your daughter,

Mahīn Muhammadī]



In His Most Exalted Name


My daughter, I have received your loving letter together with the worthy gift that you knitted with your own hands. One must recount the spiritual value of such gifts whose value is recorded in the presence of the Exalted God. God protect the devoted offspring like you for Islam and increase their numbers and He blesses both us and you by His own favor. May God’s peace and mercy be upon you.


Rūhullāh al-Mūsawī al-Khomeinī

Jamādī al-Awwal 10, 1403 AH


Sahifeh-ye-Imam, Vol.17, pages 330-331




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