Iran's glory is indebted to Imam Khomeini

Iran's glory is indebted to Imam Khomeini

An editor of Pakistan’s renowned Urdu newspaper says glory of the Islamic Republic of Iran is indebted to the struggle and sacrifice of Imam Khomeini.

In an interview with IRNA on Thursday, Javed Siddiq, editor of daily ‘Nawa-i-Waqt’ said Islamic Revolution of Iran was one of the three biggest revolutions of the 20th century led by Imam Khomeini.

“Before the Islamic Revolution Iranian society was under complete influence of western culture and away from Islamic principles but Imam Khomeini with his great struggle toppled the dictatorial reign of Reza Shah and set up an Islamic government,” he noted.

The expert said Imam Khomeini and his supporters faced lots of hardships in their struggle but due to their deep faith in Islam and determination they came victorious.

Javed Siddiq added since the victory of the Islamic Revolution, Iran has been tackling the conspiracies of the US and west against the Islamic Republic in an effective manner.

The journalist said after the Islamic Revolution, the US was depressed that Iran instead of being its subordinate became an independent country.

He noted that today we can find the footprints of Imam Khomeini in the Iranian society and his great personality continues to inspire not only Iran but other nations of the world.

Javed Siddiq went on to say Imam Khomeini taught his nation how to remain steadfast in times of difficulty. He said Islamic Revolution is flourishing in Iran because the Iranian nation is following the guidelines of late Imam.

“Though the US and its allies are trying to put pressure on Iran through sanctions but the Iranian nation is not ready to bow before the American demands, which is a big achievement,” note the editor.

He said it is good that Biden administration has changed its approach towards the JCPOA and is trying to engage with Iran as they know that Iran is resilient nation and cannot be pressurized.

“Today Iran is progressing in all fields because of the teachings of Imam Khomeini,” he said.

Javed Siddiq said elections are coming in Iran but who so ever wins will not leave the path of Islamic revolution.

“All conspiracies to weaken the Islamic Revolution have failed in past and would fail in future too”, said the expert.

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