Senior cleric Mohtashamipur, pupil and fellow of Imam passes away

Senior cleric Mohtashamipur, pupil and fellow of Imam passes away

Ali Akbar Mohtashamipur, who has been a fellow and pupil of Imam Khomeini and rendered great services following the victory of Islamic Revolution, has passed away.

The senior cleric who was active in the 1979 Islamic Revolution and later became interior minister of the Islamic Republic of Iran passed away on June 7. 

Mohtashamipur studied in the holy city of Najaf , where he spent considerable time with Imam  Khomeini.

He also accompanied Imam during his period in exile in both Iraq and France. 

Following the victory of Islamic revolution he served as Iran's ambassador to Syria from 1982 to 1986]. He later became Iran's minister of interior. 

In an Israeli assassination attempt targeting Mohtashami, he lost his right hand when he opened a book loaded with explosives. 

In 1984, Mohtashami received a parcel containing a book on Shia holy places when he was serving as Iranian ambassador to Damascus. As he opened the package it detonated, blowing off his hand and severely wounding him. 

Mohatashamipur was the target of an Israeli assassination attempt while he was ambassador in Damascus in 1984 where he received a booby-trapped package that exploded, severely wounding him.

Ali-Akbar Mohtashamipur, one of the Iranian officials who played a major role in the formation of regional resistence groups. 

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