I extend my condolence

Whenever I lay my eyes upon those who have lost...

Whenever I lay my eyes upon those who have lost their children, I feel a heavy burden weighing down upon my shoulders which is unbearable for me. I am helpless in face of all the damage inflicted on the nation. I can never thank this nation enough for sacrificing everything in the way of God. God, the Blessed and Exalted, will reward them. I extend my condolence

Sahifeh, vol6, Page: 11

With due respect, I hereby declare that the Regency Council, the houses of the Parliament and the government created thereof are illegitimate and carry no national validity, and because the army is of the nation and the nation is of the army, supporting each other is their national duty. It is thus mandatory, with due respect to the nation and its decisive vote, for the army to distance itself from the usurping government »1« and make this matter known to all. I, on account of the leadership based on a religious law decree and the nation's almost total consensus, am introducing the provisional government in order to create a constitutional parliamentary

Sahifeh, vol6, Page: 02

.. Up until the time that God, the Blessed and Exalted, wills so, it is impossible for mankindto achieve this unanimity. You are aware, you, who were here in Iran know better that all over the country, from the remotest village to the capital, everyone rejected this dynasty) Pahlavis (with one united voice and heart. Children who have just started talking, youngsters as well as old men are saying the same thing. God is with this congregation. My brothers, safeguard this unity of expression. The secret of your victory is this unity of expression.

Sahifeh, vol6, Page: 12


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