Conference of "Opinions and practice about Islamic Mysticism"

Venue: The Iranian capital, Tehran
Location: Conference hall at Laleh Hotel
Date of holding: June 11, 2014
Organizers: Iranian Islamic Mysticism Association, Foreign Headquarters tasked with holding commemoration ceremony of Imam Khomeini
Secretary-general of conference: Dr. Mohammad Moghadam (Head of the committee for foreign guests tasked with holding Imam Khomeini Commemoration Ceremony / Head of the international affairs of The institute for the compilation and publication of Imam Khomeini’s works
Opening Speaker: Dr. Tabatabai, Director of the Mysticism Association of the Imam Khomeini Research Institute and the Islamic Revolution College

Main themes and topics

- Shedding light on the mystical ideals of Imam Khomeini as one of the prominent mystics of the twentieth century

- Challenge facing Islamic mysticism during the emerging era

- A review and comparative study of ontological precedence, philosophical self-knowledge in the views of Imam Khomeini and in the light of the theory of nature of Ayatollah Shahabadi

- Islamic branch of Mysticism; Challenges between opinion and action and solution and Imam's instructions for solving it

- A review of Sufi ecstasy and its Islamic and non-Islamic roots

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