Imam Khomeini became symbol of unity among humanity

As long as you are a single solid "unity" ...

As long as you are a single solid "unity", non can break it.

The great Imam invited the followers of all divine religions to get unite under the banner of monotheism and human values in order  reliever the humanity form clutches of the global arrogance.

Following the victory of the historic Islamic Revolution in February 1979, He managed several meetings and summits with the world religious leaders in order to convey his universal message purely based on human and moral values.

The great spiritual leader of the Islamic world also called on all the Muslims to forget their differences and get together under the flag of monotheism and pure teachings of Islam.

This great personality of the Muslim world established a multi-dimensional system and a perfect religious, economic, social, political and cultural role model for domestic and international arenas.

The great Imam further raised awareness among all deprived people and oppressed nations and created an atmosphere of self-awareness, self –reliance and self-confidence against bullying powers and rulers.

The revolution led by Imam also strengthened freedom movements, Islamic and anti-colonial struggle around the globe and swiftly changed the balance of power on regional and international level.

Imam also attached a great significance to social justice, equality, mutual-respect and negation of the imperialistic or communist powers and necessity of dynamic management to handle the political and social changes or occurrences.


Several political analysts believe that Imam’s dynamic thought shook the pillars of all monarchies, imperial and colonial powers and warned of the world nations against these bullying powers that were bent on plundering their natural resources.


There is no doubt left that the great Imam’s thought will continue to raise awareness among the nations and inspire revolutions in different parts of the world. He will continue to rule over the hears and minds of all freedom-seekers and true followers of divine religions.

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