Transition From the Taghout to the Divine Rule

* The country is presently going through the most sensitive period in history: that is the transition from the taghout to the divine rule, a transition from oppression to justice and from betrayal to trust. We are right in the middle of a most sensitive period. Thus, it is incumbent upon me, a theology student, on you gentlemen who are merchants, on the `ulama', on the students of the religious sciences, on the academicians and workers, office employees, farmers and everyone to support this movement.

                 Sahifeh, vol6, Page: 91

* The true power that can stand against superpowers is the unity of expression of the nation and Islam, which has been forged under the banner of Islam. They have understood it and are now intending to crush this power) of unity (. Hence, they are seeking to separate the `ulama' from you and vice-versa, the academicians from the `ulama' and the university from the bazaar, and sow the seeds of discord among them in order to nullify this unity of expression after which they will perpetrate whatever (evil designs) they have.

                    Sahifeh, vol6, Page:91

* Peace be upon you, the soldiers of the Imam of the Time) `a (. As you have cried out »1« up until now you have been at the service of the taghout, which has decimated all our being; the taghout, which has emptied our treasury, the taghout, which has turned us into slaves of the foreigners. From today you are at the service of the Imam of the Time, may God's peace be upon him, and the glorious Qur'an, which has guaranteed the prosperity of all humanity; the glorious Qur'an, which assures anyone who remains under its banner of prosperity in this world and the hereafter; the glorious Qur'an, which advocates freedom and independence. We are all the followers of the glorious Qur'an and Islamic precepts and ordinances

                        Sahifeh, vol6, Page: 93




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