What basic principles and fundamental concepts form pillar of the Islamic Revolution?

A) Islam is the religion of politics and they are inseparable

Islam is politics in its entirety but it has been misrepresented. Political science originates from Islam. I am not one of those mullahs who merely sit with rosary beads in hand. I am not the Pope to perform certain ceremonies on Sundays only, spending the rest of my time imagining that I am a sultan and not concerning myself with any other affairs. »1« This is where the key to Islamic independence lies. This country must be rescued from these difficulties. They do not want this country to be reformed.

Sahifeh, vol1, Page: 274

B) The slogan of No East, No West

Our Islamic government will be free and independent and the balance of power in this region of the world must not be disturbed at all. We will neither tilt towards the West nor lean towards the East; we want to be a neutral and non-aligned republic. We want to have friendly relations with all the countries so long as they do not interfere in our internal affairs.                   

Sahifeh, vol5, Page: 475

C) Justice seeking

Islamic government means government of justice, when we speak of an Islamic government, we are speaking of a government based on social justice. We maintain that we must have a ruler who will not fraudulently take from the treasury of the Muslim.

Sahifeh, vol3, Page: 536

D) Right to self-determination

Any person, any nation, must determine his or its own destiny; it must not be determined by others. And so too our nation has now risen up to demand that it determine its own destiny.                     

Sahifeh, vol3, Page: 529

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