Imam Khomeini is a Role Model for All Muslims

Imam Khomeini is a Role Model for All Muslims

Professor YaghoubYahya is a Muslim scholar and lives in Nigeria. Last year on the occasion of death anniversary of Imam Khomeini he was a guest of this country. What follows is the text of an interview with him performed by Hozour magazine.

Question: please tell our readers a summary of your life and an account of your cultural and academic activities.

Answer: Reading from the Quran he continues. I am from Nigeria. My country is in the western part of Africa. I was born in Qadsin which is in north of Nigeria. My activities began when I heard something about Imam Khomeini and when he went into exile to Paris. I came to know about him through listening to the radio. I heard his message and speeches until the victory of the Islamic Revolution. The pure God threw his love into my heart and I loved him infinitely. I followed his ideas step by step particularly through Soto ul-Vahda magazines which were sent to us. I learned many lesson from this magazine since some pages of it pertained to Imam's thought concerning Islam and Muslims in the world. I came to know about Imam in this way and I like him a lot.

Question: Speak about the economic and cultural situation of Nigeria and the presence of Islam in there.

Answer: Nigeria is home to different tribes with several races. In Nigeria there are more than 200 tribes but 3 of them play a leading role among the others and people as well as their lifestyle are under the state surveillance.

Question: How is the relationship of Muslim with followers of other religions in your country? Do they live beside each other peacefully?

Answer: Of course as Imam has said among Muslims there are some who do not know anything about what is happening to them and are careless about the responsibility they have. Among Muslims some people are seen who divide Muslim lines and I do not know in whose benefit they do this. It is in the interest of Satan or the grate one.

Question: Have the works of Imam been translated in Nigeria and have you read them?

Answer: I have read some of the books which have been written about him and have also read his biography in magazines since the third of his movement, his deportation until victory and later until his death. I have read his own book titled Islamic state several times and also a book titled Dubdat ul-Ahkam which is his political-Godly will.

Question: Speak for us about the future horizon of Nigeria concerning Imam's thought and his influence on the youth of your country.

Answer: Imam had a great impact. Now in Nigeria the youth care much about praying and also political matters which the unbelievers try to separate from Islam but Imam put forward the idea of the unity between religion and politics. For instance Imam said that our religion is the same as our politics. This is a wise idea. Before the revolution people could not protest but after it people like it very much as they protested against oppressive statesmen who were against Islam. In Nigeria women who are familiar with Imam's thoughts regarding the Islamic veil have an especial distinction compared with others. They have a notable presence along with their religious brothers in the society.

Question: What is your opinion regarding the Qods Day and the ceremonies held to show hatred and strong dislike of the oppressors?

Answer: Since Imam commanded the global Qods Day we protest in this day every year which is the last Friday of the Ramadan month in Nigeria. Although we do not have an especial day to show our protest apart from the Qods Day, we nearly demonstrate everyday our reluctance to the oppressors.

Question: In your opinion what feature of the Islamic revolution, compared with other movements of the world, has been welcomed so much by the deprived people? 

Answer: One of the major futures of the Islamic Revolution is that it returns the trust of Muslims that it unites them who many of any group and enables them to know each other silence before this some of them did not know that there was a Palestine which was occupied by Zionists and the lights of its people has been grabbed. But when Imam appeared and the revolution becomes victories Muslims came to know this and also they understood that Muslims are oppressed.

Question: What is your opinion regarding Imam Khomeini's personality and his leadership role in victory of the Islamic revolution?

Answer: Imam's leadership was wise and alert. In the beginning he guide and dried them, he threatened and after this he took the steps for the revolution. This leadership was wise and he knew well where he was laddering that people to. I ask the pure God to create a personality like his for the world of Islam again and again the characteristics of Imam in addition to wisdom and being altered was bravery and Jihad and endeavor.

Question: What are the most important issues of the world of Islam in your opinion and what is the duty of Islamic intellectuals?

Answer: The first and the best issue that has great important for the world of Islam is the issue of Qods or Palestine. It is better that I say that Muslim be free so that they can bring about a system that implement the Godly Sharia as this mandatory for them. Among these issue is the issue of unity and consciousness and the duty of Islamic intellectuals and Ulmas is to awaken the people since they are badly trusteeship.

Question: What is your massage to your Iranian brothers?

Answer: My message to the Iranian people is unity and continuousness and enduring the problems and hardships. It is notable that the pure and the great God has chosen them in this century so that they may shoulder this heavy burden until it reaches its destination. Thus they should show patience and stability in confronting their enemies and God willing this century is the century of Islam and Muslims. Hence they should not get sad since God is with them and helps them even if the entire world leaves them. And also they should not ever separate themselves from the path of the Imam even a bit, since if they follow his way they will be overcome any problem and God willing Islam will gain great victory. But if they separate themselves from the path of Imam a big disaster will fall on Islam and Muslims, since Iran is the first model for all Muslims across the globe and if something troubles this people and their government it will concern all Muslims so that lose their hope. Because of this it is necessary for them to be united and support their great leader Imam Ayatollah Khamenei and other responsible people in the Islamic system.

* We thank you for participating in this interview and wish you well.

* I thank you too and wish you victory.          

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