Summit stresses  Imam Khomeini's views on women status should be promoted globally

Summit stresses Imam Khomeini's views on women status should be promoted globally

An international summit has been held to explore the ideals of Imam Khomeini about women status.

The summit held with the efforts of  The Islamic Culture and Relations Organization (ICRO), which was established in 1995 for centralization and coordination of cultural missions overseas.

The gathering was attended by university and seminary scholars from across Iran and some other regional countries  

The scholars who delivered lectures stressed that from Imam’s viewpoint,   Women are great trainer of society. Men are brought up by women. Happiness and misery of a nation or a country depends on women.

In general, from Imam Khomeini’s speeches and lectures it can be found out that he regarded women’s education, participation in political affairs, business and economic activities quite legal and according to Islam’s emphasis and assertion. During the Islamic Revolution, Iranian women revealed that the Iranian Muslim women do participate in all social and political arenas and their religious beliefs do not forbid them to collaborate in social activities. They proved that while observing their honesty and chastity, they can change the history.

The late founder of the Islamic Republic put strong emphasis on the key role of women before and after the revolution as an important strategy and consequently focused attention on cultural activities related to women. 

Imam Khomeini rejected the current view and negative propaganda that Islam will isolate women, and this new approach encouraged women to retrieve themselves and their standpoints. 

Imam Khomeini’s ideas and viewpoints expressed during and after the establishment of the Islamic Republic system on the women’s cooperation is a milestone and turning point in the topics related to this important issue.

Imam Khomeini also emphasizes that: ‘woman should possess equal rights with those of man. Islam has stressed the equality of men’s and women’s rights in determining their fates. This means that they both should enjoy all kinds of freedom. They should be free in selecting, being selected, thinking, educating as well as working in every kind of economic activity.’

Imam Khomeini frequently encouraged women to participate in elections; “What I feel necessary to notify is the participation of brave revolutionary women in the referendum. Women who, beside men and even more than men, had a vital role in the Islamic revolution should notice that in their voting to the Islamic Republic today are playing their roles in constructing the country and this is the meaning of free women and free men.

In another speech, Imam Khomeini says: ‘There are different rules and principles related to men and women. Some orders are specific to men, and some orders are specific to women. This does not mean that Islam has differentiated between men and women.”

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As far as social activities are concerned, women should participate in the country’s substantial affairs. This does not mean that women should isolate themselves in their houses.

In his will, Imam Khomeini addressed women and called them to participate in cultural and economic as well as military arenas for fulfilling Islam and the holy Quran’s goals

 “Islam desires woman to get the highest levels of mental political and scientific growth….we, on the basis of the supreme trainings of Islam, believe that in each human society, women are obliged to do their bests for the social and political growth and they should accept responsibilities and prepare the required opportunities.” 

 As it can be found out, Imam Khomeini considers women’s social participation quite legal if it is in line with Islamic rules and standards.

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