Imam stressed purifying and refining the soul

Imam stressed purifying and refining the soul

Imam Khomeini advised to protect and keep safe the seminaries and clerical centers from the thievery and influence of the enemies of Islam and the hands of the colonialists.

According to Imam, grant the success of making something of themselves and purifying and refining the soul to the young generation of clerics and university students and to the entire Muslim community.

Free the people of Islam from the sleep of negligence, from frailty, from apathy and inflexibility of thought, so that with the lustrous revolutionary teachings of the Qur’an they may come to themselves, rise up, and in the shade of unity and oneness they may cut the hands of the colonialists and of the inveterate enemies of Islam from the Islamic countries, and so that they may regain the freedom, independence, nobility, and greatness which they have lost.

“Our Lord, pour down upon us patience, and make our steps firm and assist us against the unbelieving people” (Q 2:250).

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