Hearts must turn towards love for God Almighty

Hearts must turn towards love for God Almighty

Imam Khomeini explained that as long as self-love lies embedded in his essence, he will not reach the station of the sincere (mukhlisun) and the lovers of God.

Imam explains the matter in his famous book "an exposition on Forty Hadith" as following: 

Until the love for the pluralities of the world (mulk) and the Hereafter (malakut) is evident in his heart, he will not reach the high station of the majdhubun (those immersed in the Divine and detached from all worldly attachments).

And until the plurality of the Names is manifest within the core of his essence, he cannot attain total annihilation (fana)

As long as his heart is turned towards the spiritual station, he has not attained the station of complete extinction.

And until his essence is prone to take up different colors (talwin)he has not reached the station of stable endurance, and the Essence; as the referent of the Name of the Essence, will not cast Its eternal and everlasting radiance into his heart, Imam Khomeini further explained.

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Thus, for ordinary men taqwa is with respect to the forbidden things; for the elect it is vis-a-vis sensual pleasures; for the ascetics it is in relation to the world, for the sincere it is in relation to the love of the self; and for the majdhubun it is in relation to the plurality of Act; for the faniyun (those who have annihilated themselves in the Essence) it is in relation to the plurality of the Names; for, the wasdun (those who have reached the Essence) taqwa is in relation to absorption in the annihilation; and for the mutamakkinun it is in regard to inner instabilities (talwinat)and hence the Quran enjoins:

So be as steadfast as thou art commanded. (11-112)

There is much that can be said for each one of these stations, the description of which would not lead the likes of us anywhere except into confusion and bafflement over terms, blind as we are to the meanings concealed by the veils of concepts, and there are a people who befit every field.

Now we shall turn our attention to taqwa in its elementary form, which is more significant for mankind.

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