Imam Khomeini's message continue to attract young people across globe

Imam Khomeini's message continue to attract young people across globe

Imam Khomeini's global message continue to attract devotees across various parts of the world and have spiritually transformed them as divine figures.

Muhammad Yansaneh, an African young scholar who accepted the pure Muhammadan Islam after hearing the global message of Imam Khomeini and the Islamic Revolution in West Africa, has spoken about his memories.

Following the victory of Islamic Revolution under Imam’s unprecedented leadership, various regions of the world including the Far East and Northern Europe were attracted to the pure teachings of the Ahl al-Bayt (AS) and pure Muhammadan Islam.

The life-inspiring breeze of the Islamic Revolution blew on the souls of the world with the message of Imam Khomeini reached far and near this planet, a message that awakened the pure nature and conscience of people around the globe.

Many people were attracted towards guidance. Among them is Yansaneh, the young African activist who recently told the Iranian media outlets that he was deeply impressed by Imam and his message.

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This all caused him to be converted as Shia Muslim and be inclined towards pure Islam.  

Analysts say it is important that Imam’s message needs to be completely comprehended and understood and used to address today’s challenges and problems facing the Muslims and contemporary world.

Ayatollah Ruhollah Moussavi Khomeini, better known as Imam Khomeini, engineered Iran’s 1979 Islamic Revolution, which led to the overthrow of the US-backed Shah of Iran.

Born in 1902, he grew to become the iconic leader of the Iranian nation’s struggle in the 1970s against the centuries-old monarchical tyranny. Imam Khomeini passed away on June 3, 1989, at the age of 87. 

Imam Khomeini, the contemporary religious and spiritual leader of the Muslim world has had well command over a number of fields including philosophy, mysticism, Quranic and Hadith sciences, Jurisprudence, and poetry and literature. His ideals are becoming increasing popular among young generation and followers of divine religions.

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