Discourse of Imam Khomeini’s ideals: Historical document of our identity in contemporary history

Discourse of Imam Khomeini’s ideals: Historical document of our identity in contemporary history

Dr. Ali Komsari, acting head of the institute for compilation and publication of Imam Khomeini’s works has written through a note that it is a reality that the late founder of the Islamic Republic has not been a mere historical element or figure but beyond of any limited scope of time or space.

The learned scholar presents his analysis and writes on the matter as following: 

But some still may argue that Imam remains identical to many other figures who emerged in this land or other countries elsewhere in the world in the past era or contemporary history to lead a movement or revolution and ultimately passed away.  Such a material outlook desperately attempts to restrict Imam’s contribution to certain period and limits any outlook for a historical research about him

On the other hand, the second impression or opinion that Imam Khomeini has been such a historical figure who was not limited to a specific time appears to have more accuracy.  It keeps stressing that our Imam has been a history-making personality and played an unprecedented and influential role which went beyond any scope of time or space.

The quotes and sayings by the supreme leader also indicate that the founder of the Islamic Revolution had played a great role and is still alive because his ideals and thoughts keep appealing to devotees across the various parts of the globe. Also in our belief, Imam has been of such caliber and kind that traces of his ideas, directional movement and his guiding spirit are alive in our society.

One of the necessities of the present age is to pay attention to the deep concept of discourse of Imam's thought. His ideals provide supportive and genuine proof for the identity of our political system, behavior and character.

With the advent of Imam Khomeini and emergence of the Revolution under his leadership, a new discourse was introduced to the Muslim world based on the will of a nation and was a natural response to religious needs or demands of the current era

 Imam’s discourse of the Islamic Republic was based on two pillars:

The Republic and Islam have been two most significant elements and pillars of the Islamic revolution. The Imam's movement was also composed of some other elements such as a mass public uprising, change and transformation.   

If some explores the explicit words of Imam Khomeini, he can witness these two main elements of Islam and the republic too radiant and evident. Therefore, the establishment of a popular system has been based on the geniune teachimgs of divine religion of Islam.

This discourse of the revolution was also in fact a response to the historical need of the Iranian nation and its major slogans were independence, freedom and the Islamic Republic.

Therefore, Independence and freedom are other key elements of this discourse.

Naturally, any discourse could become alive and dynamic as long as it can be appealing and effective in addressing the needs of society.

In other words, the existence of any discourse depends on its popular origin. The writer believes that the discourse of Imam Khomeini ideals arises from a historical and religious need of Iranian society from ancient times to the present.

 Imam’s ideals will keep attracting society for many years and generations to come, and we must focus on institutionalizing this discourse more than ever before, especially for the youth.

It is the natural right of the young generation to get acquainted with Imam Khomeini’s personality as exactly he was, and to become familiar with his life, behavior and character.

Imam’s multifaceted and integrated personality should be observed in all perspectives as he had great command over a range of Islamic disciplines. He was not only a jurist, but also a philosopher, a mystic and a commentator on Qur'an.

We do not have another personality identical to Imam in contemporary history because his ideals remain revolutionary, transformational and youth-friendly.

We have a duty to act correctly while presenting a deep analysis of the discourse to avoid spiritual distortion of the Imam’s personality or his ideals.

At the same time, we should not portray Imam’s thoughts in a wrong manner which highlights some aspects of his personality smaller while diminishing others. 

We should keep in mind that many intend to target the discourse of Imam’s ideals either by distorting it or mentioning them within a contradictory context.

The supreme leader has already warned that some are desperately attempting to distort Imam’s ideals. Such people cannot make changes in Imam’s words, but use his sayings in certain contexts to misuse or make them devoid of reality and alienated from true soul and spirit.

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