Imam’s return to home in 1979 marked key moment in revolution’s success

Imam’s return to home in 1979 marked key moment in revolution’s success

Iranian people have started the 10-Day Dawn celebrations to mark the anniversary of the country’s 1979 Islamic Revolution, which overthrew the monarchy of the US-backed Pahlavi regime in Iran.

Arrival of Imam Khomeini the Supreme Leader of Islamic Revolution in 1979 to Iran opened a new chapter in the history of Iran.

The 10-Day Dawn festivities will culminate in nationwide rallies on February 10 this year, the anniversary of the Islamic Revolution.

The period witnessed last-ditch efforts by the Washington-backed regime of Iran’s former monarch to hold onto power by unleashing deadly force against pro-Revolution protesters.

The entire struggle resulting in the Revolution was led by Imam Khomeini, who successfully united the people against Pahlavi oppression and dependence on the US. 

On a foggy Thursday morning on February 1, 1979, a chartered Air France flight from Paris touched down at Mehrabad International Airport near central Tehran, carrying Iran’s most revered spiritual figure.

Imam Khomeini was coming home after 14 years in exile in Turkey, Iraq and France.

Before landing, the plane circled low overhead, reportedly to make sure that no tanks were blocking the runway.

Imam Khomeini’s return was essential to the success of the Iranian revolution. It eventually led to the establishment of the Islamic Republic.

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