Islamic Revolution made Iran a powerful state: Ex Pakistani envoy

Islamic Revolution made Iran a powerful state: Ex Pakistani envoy

 Former Pakistan’s Ambassador to the US and senior politician strongly believes that Islamic Revolution made the Islamic Republic of Iran a powerful and stronger state.

In an interview with IRNA on Saturday, Syeda Abida Hussain said that the Islamic Revolution is a big achievement of Iranian nation and it will continue to flourish with its glory.

The former minister said Islamic Revolution proved very successful and effective in changing the fate of the Iranian nation.

She said that many countries in the world did not welcome the Islamic Revolution, but the brave Iranian nation, despite all criticism, kept on moving forward under the principles of the Islamic Revolution.

Syeda Abida Hussain said that after the victory of the Islamic Revolution, the Iranian nation became stronger and powerful.

Praising the role of the founder of the Islamic Revolution Imam Khomeini in leading the Iranian nation, the politician said that late Imam Khomeini was a visionary leader who united the Iranian nation in difficult times to bring about the Islamic Revolution.

“We admire the personality of Imam Khomeini and because of his guidance today Iranian nation is celebrating the 43rd anniversary of the Islamic Revolution,” added the former member of the Parliament.

Syeda Abida Hussain was optimistic about the future of the Islamic Revolution, adding that the Revolution would continue to flourish despite all propaganda.

The former ambassador expressing her views said the influence of Iran is growing in the region because the country is still following the guidelines of the Islamic Revolution.

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