The Nation's Decisive Vote for the Islamic Republic

I would like to thank the whole nation for participating in this referendum and casting its vote so decisively, which could be considered one hundred percent vote, and for having given their approval for the Islamic republic in the same way that they had done before) through their massive rallies. (We did not see any need for holding a referendum, but in order to prevent certain critical remarks and pretexts, it was decided to hold it. Those who are looking for pretexts understood that the issue was not the way they thought it was and that the nation was with Islam and with Islamic clergy.

The nation wants the Qur'an to be implemented in Iran and thanks God that all strata of the people voted for nothing else but the Islamic republic with enthusiasm, happiness, passion and love. It is the Islamic republic, which can achieve Islamic objectives. It is an Islamic republic whose progressive laws take precedence over all the laws existing in all groups or other schools of thought.

Sahifeh, vol6, Page: 405

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