Divine light of Imam Khomeini's memory and ideals

Divine light of Imam Khomeini's memory and ideals

The great men are ones who host and change the history at sensitive juncture and the occasional uproar or any unbalanced impressions don’t reduce the lasting influence and brilliant impact of such beacons of guidance.

A note from Dr. Ali Kamsari / Head of the institute for compilation and publication of Imam Khomeini’s works

We are on the eve of the heavenly departure anniversary of Imam Khomeini, an unprecedented figure who belonged to the pure progeny Prophet Adam and the last prophet, and from whom personality and ideals humanity keeps benefiting years after his passing and spiritual migration.  Imam has still remained a symbol for guidance, truth and reality.  He resembles such a chemists, specialists and spiritual travelers who are always after seeking truth, salvation, guidance and prosperity for the humanity.

On the eve of the anniversary of the passing of the founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the devotees and the lovers of this spiritual candle and lamp (Imam) flock and descend on his holy mausoleum from far and near without any formality or cosmetic appearance to pay homage and respect on the threshold of Pir Jamaran (Imam’s nickname attributed to a Tehran neighborhood where he lived very simple life after becoming the leader of Islamic Revolution) to perform and do practice the divine path of his pure ancestor, Imam Hossein (PBUH) who had been a lamp of light  and the arc of Salvation". Such role-model is vital to relieve the Today humans from the material schools of thought which are misleading societies, making people wandering and keep plunging into uncertainty, moral decline and decay.

Imam Khomeini entered the arena of enlightenment at certain era which followed the spirituality of human life trapped and encircled by material schools, capitalism and Marxism's human mentality demands equality in quest of relief from oppression.

Imam by igniting the divine candle and inspiring heavenly –oriented ideals changed the path of history forever in favor of the pure and the oppressed. He led the last and classic revolution of history which was seen with astonishment and disbelief by the observers.

 Imam put God at the forefront of human struggles and thought.

According to him, the sole way to save humanity from oppression and arrogance in the thought of Hadrat Ruhollah was a return to pure divine thought and the holy prophet’s path of life.

His performance in the years leading to the victory of the Islamic Revolution and establishing the new Islamic-democratic system had resembled to divine saints.

Until this day, Imam as a person who felt pain for the humanity in history has been embedded in the heart of  his devotees and loved ones, who see his life as role model.

Imam had no association with this material world and did not seek anything for his close relative and led a simple life with a confident heart and left here with great calm, satisfaction and contentment. He left faith as a great divine gift for believers and faithful people.

It can be seen that the buds of guidance in his garden have become powerful trees in the arena of thought and action.

Imam’s divine-oriented logic has watered souls and changed paths.  The decline of material schools of thought became as evident and certain as his divine-oriented personality had promised predication about the decline of material thought became as his divine-oriented personality had promised. And the spiritual children of Ruhollah are the ambassador of his ideals and provide solid and firm foundation for his ideals. They are the result of solid foundation and steps taken by late Imam

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