How Imam used to correct prayers of children?

How Imam used to correct prayers of children?

A memoir by Mrs Mariam Pasnedeedeh

I had just become baaligh during the time Imam was under the watch of Shah's agents in Tehran.  One day, my family and I had gone to Ketri to see the Imam.  He was reciting the Magrib and Isha prayers. 

 All the members of my family and some others stood for prayers behind the Imam.  No one wanted to miss praying congregational prayers behind him. 

I was but a child then and by the time I had performed my wudhu, the Imam had finished sajdeh of the first rakaat.  Incorrectly, I joined the prayers at that moment copying the Imam's actions.  My mother signalled to me that my prayers were not correct but I carried on praying. 
After the Magrib prayer my mother said, "Your prayer was not correct.  You must pray your Magrib prayers again. Then you can join the Imam for Isha."  I was very upset.  Crying I went to Imam.  He was reciting supplications between the Magrib and Isha prayers

My mother also came near the Imam and said, “Whatever I say to this child, she does not listen.  I think she will only listen to you.  She says that if Imam sees her then he will accept her prayers".  A number of people were sitting next to the Imam.  My mother said to me, “Don't bother the Imam."  However Imam said, "I will certainly explain to her till she understands."  Then, for a period of about 15 or 20 minutes, Imam proceeded to explain to me whilst everyone waited for the Imam to continue the prayers.

(A memoir by Mrs Mariam Pasnedeedeh)

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