Imam performed Prayers on the way to prison

Imam performed Prayers on the way to prison

Mrs Farida Mustafa – Imam's daughter

Imam once told me: Once, Shah's agents burst into my house, arrested me, and took me towards Tehran. On the Qum-Tehran road I told them it was the time for the Fajr prayers and I asked them to stop at a place where I could do wudhu. 

They replied that they did not have permission to do so.  I said to them, "You are armed and I am weapon less.  I won't be able to do anything." 

 Again they said that they did not have permission.  I knew it was pointless and they would not stop the car.  I said, "At least stop for a while so that I can do Tayammum by the side of the road."
In the end they stopped the car.  However, they did not let me get down.  Whilst still sitting in the car, I bent down and did tayammum.  I then said my prayers with my back facing Qibla. 
That day I said my prayers with tayammum, my back towards Qibla, and in a moving vehicle. Perhaps those two rakaat prayers will achieve God's pleasure.
(Mrs Farida Mustafa – Imam's daughter)

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