Islam fulfills contemporary demands against cultural invasion

Islam fulfills contemporary demands against cultural invasion

Iranian President, Ayatollah Dr. Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi on Wednesday morning, October 12, speaking at the opening ceremony of the 36th International Conference of Islamic Unity, congratulated the auspicious birth anniversary of the Prophet of Islam (SA) and Imam Jaafar Sadeq (AS), welcomed the guests from all over the world and said Islam, by raising the question about what strategies should be used to promote unity within the Islamic Ummah in this conference and what are the necessary predictions to prevent division and separation? He said: Modern man can create a happy life for himself by relying on God, self-confidence and religious teachings, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).

The President added: Looking at the entirety of religion, and the responsiveness of religion to the needs of contemporary man, gives such strength and power that he can face the cultural invasions and the vision presented by the West and the East, which have no compatibility with a religious-based life style.

Ayatollah Raisi stated that attending this meeting will lead to a common understanding between all influential figures in the Islamic world and stated: We have a huge asset in the name of religion, religious values, believers, Muslims, and Islamic lands, which are rich in material and much spirituality is available to Muslims.

He considered educated young people with spiritual tendencies, the spirit of resistance and standing against the enemy, being ready to take risks in the path of a religious life, and the educated forces of the Islamic world as another great assets of the world Muslim community and pointed out that the intellectuals of the Islamic world from various academic centers including religious seminaries, universities and research and scientific institutions, are a great asset and are ready to stand together against atheistic thinking, secular current, Takfiri (excommunication) and extremist ideology.

Pointing out that men and women in Islamic countries are ready to unite with each other in the name of religion and frustrate the enemies, the President stressed the need to think to understand the machinations of the enemy in downplaying the potentials  of Muslims and boasting and exaggerating their own trivial potentials and said: The banner that Imam Khomeini (RA) raised was the flag of unity between all Muslims all over the world, regardless of their language, regions and difference in outlooks.

Ayatollah Raisi further pointed to the civilizing and synergistic potentials of Islamic countries and said: Today, Muslims have many commonalities that can create a great religious and civilizing power in the world and stand tall and raise their flag in front of all who claim to be civilized and present a lifestyle for contemporary man.

The President called the special task and the main message of the 36th Islamic Unity Conference for Muslims, creation of a common understanding among all scholars and intellectuals of the Islamic world in the direction of unity and solidarity and said: The message of this summit to its enemies is that we want the life of contemporary man to be shaped by religion.

Referring to the important role of the martyrs of the global Islamic movement in the awakening of the nations, he said: Those who thought that religion is an individual and personal matter and has nothing to do with social, economic, political and cultural affairs, were awakened, thanks to the sacred blood of the martyrs and today all Muslims across the world want to live like a Muslim and all their life affairs should be based on Islam and Islamic principles, and this is what has caused fear among our enemies today.

Stating that the conspiracy against Muslims is due to the fear of the arrogant powers of the anti-arrogance potentials of the Islamic world, the president said: What made the arrogant powers to conspire against Muslims after the Second World War was that they came to this conclusion in their thinktank that Islam is the only obstacle against the tyranny and unilateralism of the hegemonic system.

Ayatollah Raeisi continued by saying that after studying, they came to this conclusion that the only power that can stand proudly against the system of domination, is Islam and those who truly adhere to religion and religious values.

Therefore, they conspired for what to do, so that this great power in the name of Islam, whose centrality has been established with the blessing of an Islamic theologian and a source of emulation in Islamic Iran, become incapable of creating waves of awakening in the world.

The coming to power of dependent governments in Islamic countries, attempts by the media empires to disturb the minds of Muslims, launching Takfiri groups to kill, rob and massacring of Muslims, insulting the sanctities and the most sacred  figure of the Islamic world and the world of humanity, namely the Holy Prophet of Islam (SA ) and all the sanctities and the prevalence of extremism and takfiri thinking as links in a given chain to create division and conflicts among Muslims and to underline differences and avoid the many commonalities that exist among Muslims and said: The superpowers decided not to let this power to raise in the name of religion and Islam.

Stating that holding this conference can play a significant role in promoting unity among Muslims, the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran added: The role of scholars, prominent people, cultured people, epoch makers, future makers is unique. Today, unity is not a tactic for us, but a very basic strategy. Our visionary leader, Imam Khamenei (may God protect him) has always emphasized this strategy as an inevitable necessity in the Islamic world and under the title that today unity and grasping the Divine’s string and love of God is an inevitable necessity.

Ayatollah Raeisi stated: The meaning of this statement and the translation of this view is that whoever contributes to the unity of the Islamic world by writing, speaking, acting, or refraining from doing some things, has moved in the direction of the required strategy of the Islamic world, and everyone, whether he knows it or not, wants by his writings, words, action or inaction, to create discord in the Islamic world, he has walked in the path of enemy's strategy.

Pointing out that the enemies launched a wave of Islamophobia against the unity strategy, the President stated: to promote Islamophobia, they launched the wave of terrorism and many other conspiracies and seditions in the Islamic world, but what was able to thwart their conspiracies, was coherence, unity, solidarity, having insight about enemy and fighting against the adversaries.
Stating that individuals with insight have been very important and instrumental in the Islamic world, he noted: Our martyrs played a very important role in creating insight in the Islamic world, and today the important role of scholars and intellectuals is to explain, increase insight and knowledge in different ways.

Referring to the emphasis made by the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution on Jihad, the President said: Today, everyone has a duty to enlighten by any means they can, and to explain both the position of Islam and Muslims, as well as the state of the enemy and his weakness, which is very immense, despite claiming to be strong.

Ayatollah Raeisi added: Today, everyone has a duty to take part in elaboration Jihad and say that the enemy pretends that is capable and rational, but he does not understand logic, reasoning and firm expression and words. They cannot see the brightness of light and cannot understand reasoning and logic.

Emphasizing that the way to achieve this goal is standing up and resistance, the President said: Those who thought that the way to save Palestine is at the negotiation table and believed that one can talk and negotiate with those who do not understand logic, were wrong. Today, the policy of compromise with the Zionist regime has failed and the culture of resistance has won and succeeded.

By raising the question of whether the Sharm el-Sheikh, Oslo or Camp David agreements did anything good and basically whether the Zionists believe in and adhere to any agreement, he said: they breach their every promise. The Zionist regime does not understand treaties, because if they believed in agreements, they would adhere to them.

The President pointed out: What should be done in front of those who break their promises and covenant, the logic of dealing with such people is to resist and stand up against them.

What the dear Palestinian and Lebanese nation, Palestinian and Lebanese groups, Hezbollah, Hamas and other resistant groups have done. Today, the initiative is in the hands of the Mujahideen. Until yesterday, the initiative was taken by some seemingly liberating organizations in the negotiation tables, but the message of the Islamic Revolution was the message of resistance and standing against the enemy, and this message worked.

The president continued to emphasize the necessity of developing economic, social, and political relations along with cultural ties between Muslims and added: What needs to be underlined today as a necessity in this gathering, is to maintaining unity and cohesion among all Muslims along with the discussion and exploring the cases of disagreement in scientific meetings and research works, free from any prejudices that have always existed among religious leaders throughout history.

He considered the love of Ahl al-Bayt (the Household of the Holy Prophet of Islam) as one of the important axes of unity and harmony among Muslims and added: The holy soul of Imam Sadeq (AS) has always emphasized this proximity view among religions and in the life and conduct of other noble Imams (AS), we can find many traces of advocating proximity of Muslims.

Ayatollah Raeisi stated that through close thinking, synergy can be created and things can be moved forward, and added: The attitude of Takfiri, which includes division, hatred and malice, is very harmful and dangerous, and this attitude must be marginalized by potent scholars and intellectuals.

Referring to the 22-day, 33-day and 8-day wars, the President said that the only way to confront the Zionist regime is to stand and resist adding: The Zionist regime knows nothing about negotiation and logic. Today, you can stand against them by having a lot of assets and potentials.

Emphasizing that the Islamic Republic of Iran, in addition to the policy of supporting the resistance front in the Islamic world, has chosen relations with Islamic countries and Muslims as a priority in its foreign policy, adding that: economic, cultural and social relations with neighboring countries and Muslims is priority for us. Islamic countries and Muslims are the priority of our cooperation in foreign policy.

Ayatollah Raeisi did not consider the normalization of relations between the Zionist regime and Islamic countries and feeble governments as a harbinger of security and considered it the result of the behavior of weak governments and not Muslim nations and noted: Do the people of these countries also accept the normalization of relations with the Zionist regime? Never. In no way, the Muslim nations in the region have accepted and will not accept the normalization of relations with the Zionist regime.

The president called the normalization of relations between some Islamic countries and the Zionist regime as political and added: Can Muslim nations be reconciled to those who kill children and women, destroy houses and create a large prison like Gaza? Never; The Americans and the Zionist regime think that this issue will create security for them, but they are totally mistaken.

Referring to the enemy's conspiracy to create discord among Islamic states and nations, creating an arms market for the sale of American and Western weapons in the region, and plundering the wealth of countries, he stated: The enemies quite wishfully think that with these measures, the first cause of the Islamic world will be marginalized. Today, Holy Quds and Palestine are still the first issue for the Islamic world and Muslims. The reason behind declaring the Quds Day, is a symbolic initiative and expression of views, otherwise Muslims always think about the freedom of Quds and their movement is in this direction.

Ayatollah Raeisi considered the main policy and program of the Islamic Republic of Iran to be the fight against oppression, terrorism and the Takfiri way of thinking and stated: The hatred and animosity of the enemies of the Islamic Republic of Iran towards Islamic system of government is also due to this same reason. They claim to fight terrorism, but everyone knows that the hero of the fight against terrorism in the region and the world is Martyr General Qasem Soleimani, may God bless his soul and Mr. Al-Muhandis and many mujahid forces in the region who cleansed this region from the filthy presence of ISIS.

Emphasizing that the hero of the fight against terrorism was the martyred Haj Qasem Soleimani, the President added: Americans announced in their election campaigns and from the official platform that we created ISIS.

He raised the question that the meaning of the martyrdom of Soleimani is supporting terrorism or fighting terrorism? He stated: Those who claim defending the human rights today are themselves violators of human rights. The biggest violators of human rights are the Americans, the Zionist regime, and some Western countries that today pretend to defend human rights in the world. See the way they treat their own people and the world.

Ayatollah Raeisi pointed to the dark human rights records of pretenders in 70 years of crimes against the Palestinian nation and said: Certainly, if an indictment is drawn up, a long list of crimes committed by them against humanity will be drafted, and today it is the duty of the intellectuals who, despite the media empire of the enemy should inform the people of the world about this double standard policy by those who claim to uphold the  human rights, how they commit crimes against humanity and then make claim in support of human rights.

The president continued to say that peace, stability, tranquility and security in the region depends on the unity and solidarity of Muslims and added: The result of reaching a common understanding in this meeting can definitely be sustainable peace and security in the region and among Islamic countries.

Dr. Raisi considered self-reliance on potentials and the religious commonalities between Islamic countries as important and necessary and said: An important issue that has been emphasized many times by the Islamic Republic of Iran is not only the dialogue among representatives of various Islamic sects, but the inter- religion dialogue which has precedent in the lives of our imams and leaders, as well as Shia and Sunni leader, and these dialogues can resolve many differences.

(Source: Taghrib News Agency)

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