Imam Khomeini, a multidimensional personality: Senior Pakistani cleric

Raja Nasir Abbas Jaffery, secretary- general of Majlis Vahdat Muslemeen (MWM) from Pakistan

Religious Pakistani leader said that Imam Khomeini, the founder of the Islamic Revolution, was a multidimensional personality who challenged the hegemony of the imperialist forces. He said that Imam Khomeini had demonstrated to the world that Islam is not only a religion but a complete code of life.

'Imam was a great thinker, philosopher, religious scholar and visionary leader of the 20th century,' said the MVM leader.

He believes that teachings of Imam Khomeini will continue to inspire the oppressed nations.

(Raja Nasir Abbas Jaffery,   secretary- general of Majlis Vahdat Muslemeen (MWM) from Pakistan)


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