The one who introduced new horizons on the political scene of the world

Lio Ding – a professor and a researcher of political science of a university

Ayatollah Khomeini began a new move in the political scene of the world and he was able to scold the powers that sought to interfere with the Muslims affairs and sought to dominate them

 Concerning the world's religious leaders during the recent century the number of those who have had such a place has been less than what has been expected and because of that a new inclination concerning religion for the world's general public has been created and Imam Khomeini's move concerning the appearance of the Islamic revolution movement has been the beginning  of many big changes concerning world affairs in the recent two decades but political circles of the West are trying to hide that important reality or show that role as something that has less importance

Ayatollah Khomeini questioned the U.S.'s policies concerning the world while he was brave and he did that in a way that was explicit and he did something so that the world's public opinion face new realities despite this that all of the news and advertising tools belong to the West

 I have travelled to different countries of the 3rd world and doing that I have confronted the deep mental influences that Ayatollah Khomeini has had on the poor people and they believe that his thoughts are their point of hopefulness and the one that they can lean on

There were stark features of the political behavior of Ayatollah Khomeini and they attracted the people of the world and the most major of them were honesty, being explicit and not being dependent on none of the world's powers

Lio Ding – a professor and a researcher of political science of a university

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