Reaction of Pahlavi regime to news of Imam Khomeini's return

Reaction of Pahlavi regime to news of Imam Khomeini's return

With the arrival of February 1979, the news of the imam's return to the country became stronger. This news caused many actions, from closing the airport to threatening to blow the plane up and military coup to delay his trip.

In the first reaction to this news, Bakhtiar, in response to Keyhan reporters who asked him about the arrival of the imam in Tehran and the formation of the governmentby him, replied:

 "As you said, I am the prime minister and I will have no duty but to continue as prime minister".   

At the same time, Bakhtiar stated in an interview with Ettelaat newspaper:  

(if imam Khomeini returns and declares his Islamic republic, I have two options: either I must stay and consider myself a legitimate government in which case there will be bloodshed, or I will resign and tell the army that there is no place for me. And you are free from your commitment to my government).  

On the one hand, Bakhtiar was trying to keep the army on his side to prevent the possibility of a military coup, and on the other hand, he was trying to take the initiative by approaching the opposition forces if the situation worsened, and to be succeeded by gaining their approval to remain in power as a prime minister.  

With this view, it was clear that Bakhtiar was looking for a solution to maintain the monarchy and to restore stability under any circumstances. That is why he was stating that he must personally go to Paris and negotiate with the imam.   

After the United States, Britain and Bakhtiar became completely disappointed with the restoration of order and peace and the re-establishment of the monarchy, they decided to take the initiative and power in the future system of the country by infiltrating the future leadership of the country and to end the revolution in their favor at the right time, by creating influence and discord in the movement. 

 Therefore one of the Bakhtiar's plans was travelling to Paris to meet with the imam himself. From the very beginning, Imam Khomeini with a very clear Strategy, announced Bakhtiar's acceptance conditional on his resignation from the post of prime minister.  

Imam in a statement which is addressed to the people says: (what has been said that I accept Shapur as prime minister is a lie. I will not accept him until he resigns, because I don't consider him legal. Gentlemen, inform and notify the people of Iran and announce that a conspiracy is underway and do not be deceived by these current affairs. I have not reached any agreement with Bakhtiar). 

Therefore, preventing the imam from entering Iran and agreeing on the future sovereignty of the country was at the forefront Bakhtiar's actions and he explicitly stated that he will prevent the imam from entering the country. 

But Imam returned to homeland in February 1979 triumphantly which led to collapse of Shah remnants. Imam established an Islamic democratic system which changed the balance of power in the interest of the Muslim world.  

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