The greatest gift that Imam gave to our women was to restore their original and true identity.

The greatest gift that Imam gave to our women was to restore their original and true identity.

Dr. Mrs. Sultani, an advisor to women's affairs at institute for compilation and publication of Imam Khomeini’s works said in an exclusive interview that "the greatest and most precious gift by Imam Khomeinito our women was to restore their original identity and dignity to them".

It's been sometime when the special office for dealing with women's affairs at the institute was established and since then it has managed and organized a variety of programs during this short span of time.

Following the formation of the forum and assembly such as "Daughters of Ruhollah", an opportunity was created to arrange and conduct an interview with the in charge of this respected management section.

Question: Please introduce yourself and state the purpose of establishing the office of women's affairs at the institute for compilation and publication of Imam Khomeini’s works?  

Answer: In the name of God the Almighty, first of all, I would like to congratulate you on the 44th anniversary of the victory of the Islamic Revolution and offer my condolences on the martyrdom anniversary of the holy lady of patience and piety, Hazrat Zainab Kubra (‘a).

I am Mrs. Sultani and currently serving as an advisor for women's affairs at the Institute for compilation and publication of Imam Khomeini’s works.

Our major purpose by forming this office and headquarters at the institute has been to promote Imam’s ideals and try to institutionalize lofty human values about women.

The new generation of girls and women in today's society, who have never experienced the presence of the Imam and have not benefited from it. They naturally do not have enough familiarity with Imam’s views.

 And in my opinion, the transferring views of the late founder of the Islamic Republic Iran to women has been the most important task for us to be carried out in current era because they are an influential group in the society.

Making girls and women acquainted with Imam’s ideals and familiarizing them with their position and statues as much as possible has been our main goal by working in the field of women's affairs.


Question: Tell us and define about the activities that have already taken place and the future plans of the Women's Affairs Office at the Institute for compilation and publication of Imam Khomeini’s works?

Answer: So far, about a year has passed since the establishment of this office, a massive gathering such as “The great gathering of the Daughters of Ruhollah” has been organized.  Last June, a group of girls from across Iran, all of whom are considered to be the daughters of Imam, were mobilized near the holy shrine of Imam Khomeini and these programs were held on the auspicious occasion of birth anniversary of the honored lady, Hazrat Fatima Masoumeh (‘a).

Following this massive gathering, we tried to organize an assembly called "Daughters of Ruhollah ", which include all the women who follow Imam’s path and belong to him.

 Our major goal by forming such a group has been to expand and promote Imam’s ideals regarding the real status of women, and those interested in Iran and other parts of the world can contact us via following web addresses and register their membership.

Among other scheduled programs that are on the agenda of the women's affairs office during ending months of s the current Persian year 1401 is the preparation and compilation of the television programs such as "Imam of Women". These would be focusing on Imam’s views and the invited guests, while discussing and exchanging opinions, answer queries and questions.  

And any possible doubts of dear ladies will be addressed and answered in the areas related to Imam’s thought and views.  According to an agreement with the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting, this program will be recorded and aired in March

In addition to that, of course, we have many recreational and sightseeing programs in mind, and there is no obstacle for foreign and non-Iranian women who are devoted to Imam to be present in this set up and join such gatherings such as the "Daughters of Ruhollah" beside Iranian women.

 It is for us a source of honor to have these loved ones with us in the programs. This is one of the programs ahead of us that we will be followed up, God willing.



Question: Please explain about Imam’s views regarding the participation of women in various social and political fields?

Answer: - As mentioned in Sahifeh-ye Imam, he believed a high status for men and a series of very interesting and inspiring expressions and terms have been used by him to show their status both in the family and in the society.

These expressions include Such as "the role of women in society is higher than the role of men." And that "woman is the constituent of society," which means by raising children, she builds the very basic foundation of family and formation of society.

Elsewhere, Imam Khomeini says that "the goal of the prophets is to form a good society; a society whose foundation and main pillar is the family and the woman at the helm can play the role of human development."

Imam considers the formation of the struggle for movement and the victory of the Islamic revolution had been due to the active role of women and states that this victory was more due to women than to men. It became possible because our dear ladies, in the role of mothers and wives, backed and supported the men and encouraged them to pursue this path t during the struggle so that the Islamic Republic would win.

Imam through his sayings and quotes advised women numerous times that in addition to their role in the family; they should also participate alongside men in all cultural, political and social arenas and try to solve the problems that exist in the society. Imam considers the participation and active presence of women while preserving Islamic affairs as one of the goals of the Islamic Republic.

According to Imam, a woman with the value and position she has, must be effective in the political, social and cultural scenes as well as in the family.


Question: In your opinion, what are the opportunities and threats that the girls and women of our society are facing today?

Answer: Without no doubt, our women in Iran have made significant progress following the victory of the Islamic revolution, but the targeted hostility and obstruction of the country's enemies, who have always sought to disrupt the determination of women, is the biggest threat of our time.

 In fact, they want to our women to confess and accept that they face restrictions in Iran and that they do not have freedom women in other countries, and such expressions leads to malicious campaign and propaganda.


But these threats can be turned into opportunities for us. We can better identify the enemies and expose their plots and work towards our main goal, which is the progress of the society. In fact, it is we who must turn threats into opportunities with awareness, self-belief and self-sufficiency.

In addition, we can convey this core message and  Imam’s ideals to the women of other countries as well that a woman can play a very strong and effective role in maintaining the position and freedom that God Almighty has defined for her and is definitely the guarantor of her position and character. The can have influential and effectual role in all fields.

Imam sees certain views of opponents who desperately attempt to lower the position of women to be a repetition of the king's patriarchal position;. According to his expression and interpretation, the Shah wanted women as a tool and dolls in the hands of men and lowered their status to such an extent.

It means that they wouldn’t have an independent personality or their own thought and ideas and cannot be involved and effective in solving problems. It is our duty to turn these threats into opportunities and prove to international community that we can be powerful and successful by observing Islamic affairs in all arenas.


Question: In your opinion, what was major and the greatest gift that Imam Khomeini gave to our women?

Answer: In my opinion and belief, the greatest gift that Imam gave to our women was to restore their original and true identity. He had moral and humane view of women and believed in their elevated position at all levels.  He made them self-confident. Following the victory of Islamic revolution, our women felt a sense of personality and realized that by improving the individual and social dimension of their personality, how useful and effective they can be in this way.

Another valuable gift that Imam blessed our women with has been the issue of freedom that all societies are looking and searching for. Thanks to the Islamic revolution and the progressive thought of the Imam, we women today have the feeling that we can be present in the society without any worries, and by maintaining our affairs and observing the Islamic veil that guarantees our security and peace of mind. So we can engage in social activities with comfort.

God willing, make us able to take steps in line with the goals of this revolution and try to move the society towards the ideal utopia that was the dream of Imam so that We need to be prepared for the appearance of Imam al-Mahdi (may May God hasten his appearance) and this movement will God willing be long lasting and conned with his revolution.



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