Imam Khomeini paid special attention to paying Eidi on Nowruz

Imam Khomeini paid special attention to paying Eidi on Nowruz

While in exile in the holy city of Najaf, Imam wrote his beloved son Seyyed Ahmad Khomeini to pay certain or specified amount of payments to family members and relatives on the auspicious occasion of new Persian year.

On the eve of each new Persian year, Imam used to issue special messages through which he put emphsis on spiritual transfomation. But he also never neglected financial needs and manners of such festivities. 

 In the letter while in exile in the holy city of Naja, Imam wrote to his son, Hojjat al-Islam and Muslim Haj Ahmad Agha 1972 emphasizing on distributing specified amount of money for Eid to the family members.

A brief text of the latter comes as following: 

In the name of God

 May God bless you with health and happiness. Thank God the Almighty, we are healthy. It is hoped that the problems and troubles will be resolved through the prayers of the gentlemen. 

For Eid, the children here in Najaf received ten dinars each, and now they want me to write to you, give each of them two hundred tomans instead of these ten dinars. 

 You take and give 200 tomans to each of the girls and to the members of your family, either from your uncle  from Lavasani, the then head of office.  

I am worried about loneliness and health of your uncle (Ayatollah Pasandideh) and pray God to bless him with health.


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