1st April marks the first public referendum in the history of Iranian nation

1st April marks the first public referendum in the history of Iranian nation

*** Compiled by staff members of International affairs department of the Institute for compilation and publication of Imam Khomeini's works 

In contemporary history, the Iranian people's struggle for independence and freedom goes back to before the constitutional revolution and has been stretched more than a century ago.

The people of Iran have many instances of struggle since the "Tobacco Movement" before the constitution movement --which took place from1905-1911-- until the victory of the Islamic Revolution in 1979.

They succeeded in cases such as the constitutional revolution in 1285 and the nationalization of the oil in 1951.

But it was only after the victory of the Iranian Islamic Revolution in 1979, that the public masses participated in a general referendum for the first time in the nation’s history to choose the form and structure of their country's political system.

In fact, when the revolution  led to victory , a general referendum was held 48 days later by order of Imam Khomeini during very early April during two days, so that the people could choose the political system they wanted.

According to the announcement of the interim government, 20 million which 98 percent of voters voted for removal of monarchy and in favor of establishing an Islamic Republic system.

Following mass participation of the public in referendum, the work of writing the new constitution was launched by the Constituent Assembly. This meant that holding a public referendum took precedence over everything else and became top priority after the victory of the Islamic Revolution,

Therefore, 1st April is an important turning point in the history of Iranian people, which is called "Islamic Republic Day".

The significance of this day was focus of special attention of the leaders of the revolution, including Imam Khomeini from very beginning.

After release of the results of the referendum, Imam Khomeini said in a historic message, as following:

“The morning of Farvardin 12 (1st April), which has become the first day of divine rule, would become one of our greatest national and religious holiday, and our nation should celebrate and keep it alive this great day. Because on this day, the 2500-year-old palace congresses of the tyrant government collapsed and the satanic rule ended forever and was replaced with the government of the oppressed ones.

 God Almighty has promised that he will make the oppressed people to overcome with his great favor and make them Imams and Leaders.

The promise of God Almighty is to be fulfilled and I hope that we will witness this glad tidings and the oppressed will overcome the arrogant as they have become triumphant so far.

I thank the entire Iranian nation for widely participating in this referendum and voting for the Islamic Republic with their decisive vote, which must concluded to be a 100% victory."

It was after this message of Imam Khomeini that the 1st of April was registered as the day of the Islamic Republic on the Iranian calendar, and every year the people of Iran, along with their leaders, commemorate this day, which was the final result and outcome of their struggles.

Celebrating this day helps the public masses, especially the generation that has not seen the Islamic Revolution, to know that the 12th of Farvardin (1st of April) was the day when the Iranian people succeeded in winning their struggle which had been stretched over centuries.

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