Imam Khomeini Confronted Superpowers and Materialism

Imam Khomeini Confronted Superpowers and Materialism

The great spiritual and religious leader of the Muslim world confronted the world full of cruelty and oppression and battled the darkness of self-worship and worldliness.

The great Imam led the Islamic revolution to revive Islam and spirituality when the world had been plunged into decline of social and moral values.

He also undertook serious and practical concrete steps to grant religion its real status and bring it out of isolation in the world of materialism and imperialism.

It is worth mentioning that the Islamic revolution gained victory at a very sensitive juncture of history at the unchallenged dominance of two Superpowers of the East and West, and the antiquation and isolation of religion in the world.

The great leader strongly rejected and condemned any sort of sectarianism and became harbinger of unity among the all sects of Muslims. He also invited the followers and spiritual leaders of all divine religions to get unite under flag of monotheism.

The experts and pundits believe that Imam Khomeini will be always remembered as real representative of religion, spirituality and moral values for coming centuries and generations.

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