Imam was true leader of entire Muslim Ummah.

Hojat al-Islam Olia,– a prominent thinker from Pakistan

That was the blessing of the personality of Imam Khomeini and his Excellency’s efforts that led to the awakening of the world of Islam. Despite the efforts that were made and the numerous conspires of the enemies of Islam and the global arrogance and at its top if the arrogant America in order to limit the Islamic revolution.

Imam’s movement supported the cause of oppressed nations and freedom seekers despite all obstacles by the global arrogance on his way.

I believe that his Excellency Imam Khomeini should not be known as the only leader of Iran's Islamic revolution and indeed he was the leader of all of the Islamic ummah because if his thoughts are used and his guidance and teachings are followed then no Islamic country will ever accept the dominance of those who are outsiders and are our enemies.

Hojat al-Islam Olia,– a prominent thinker from Pakistan


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