What factors pose dangers and threats to existence of the Revolution?

What factors pose dangers and threats to existence of the Revolution?

A) Negligence towards the Islamic decrees can lead to disgrace

But after this, we have other things to do. Those same people that had boycotted the referendum and had prevented the votes being cast in certain places are now intending to obstruct the endorsement of the Constitution. The reason for this is that the Constitution is an Islamic one, belonging to a republic of Islam, and that they fear Islam. Because of their fear of Islam, they do not want an Islamic republic to be set up in Iran. Previously they used to say that they wanted a republic but not an Islamic one. They wanted a democratic republic; that is, a western-type republic. We who are Muslims cannot ignore Islam. We can disregard many things but not Islam. All the people said that they wanted an" Islamic Republic".

Sahifeh, Vol8, Page: 171

B) Dominance of personal and material desires

Essential to every revolution, which is perhaps inevitable, is that after the people have gained victory, these personal problems come up. Personal and factional issues are not important to nation- whatever the nation- which is in the throes of a revolution. All the people are together in the pursuit of their goal, just as you saw in the Iranian Revolution when all the strata of the people had put aside their trivial, personal and factional matters and were headed toward the same goal. Even the groups that did not agree with the movement kept silent. They would not mention their opposition to it as they saw that they could not make their presence felt vis-a-vis the nation. But after victory was gained to this very extent and the people realized that they had driven the antagonist out and, that too, such a powerful and deeply-rooted antagonist as the 2500- year old regime- and after they felt that they had triumphed, it was as if a population of 53 million had been released from jail. They suddenly came out from the repression, the pressure and the plunder they had experienced, and turned their attention to their own demands, something that is integral to a revolution and which also happened in Iran. There was absolutely no talk of housing, or who has a house and who does not, during the revolution. Even those slum-dwellers did not mention it as they showed when one of them said in an interview that every morning all of them would go together to take part in the demonstrations. There was no talk at all about having a house or not having one; or about somebody needing something, or whether one's salary was low or high. Such things, in themselves, are not important while a revolution is in progress, and as you saw, such was also the case in Iran.

Sahifeh, Vol8, Page: 316


C) Inclusion of corrupt and ignorant people

Those who believe in Islam now should assist it. Those who dream of an Islamic order in this country should help it out of this dilemma. A large number of the population is young, but ignorant of the issues. The Great Prophet) s (has stated that there were two kinds of people who had broken his back: the heedless scholars and the ignorant worshippers. The pseudo-pious ones have broken the prophet's back. An ignorant one who performs an illogical act in the name of Islam is, in fact, harming Islam:" Two sorts of people broke my back: the heedless scholar and the ignorant worshipper."

Sahifeh, vol11, Page: 242


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