International Summit on Imam Khomeini Held in India

International Summit on Imam Khomeini Held in India

An international summit in the southern Indian city of Hyderabad has disused Imam’s dynamic thought and various perspectives of his unique religious and spiritual personality.

The summit in the capital City of Andhra Pradesh was attended by several domestic and international intellectual, cultural and political figures. The followers belonging to various faiths also participated in the conference of great significance.

Several Indian and Iranian students and prominent journalists also took an active part in the event.

The event was held on birth anniversary of the birth anniversary of the holy prophet’s daughter Hazrat Zahra (peace be upon her) and Imam Khomeini.

Maqbool Ahmad, a prominent journalist and special guest at the summit, emphasized that the founder of the Islamic Republic was a true follower of the holy prophet of Islam and his teachings raised awareness among the Muslim nations and oppressed people across the globe.

Seyed Yousuf Hashemi, a prominent intellectual, also noted that the great Imam had toppled the despotic and puppet regime of Shah and created unity among the Muslim world.

The Congress Party’s leader who deals with minority affairs in India said that the great spiritual leader had established an exceptional Islamic and independent system based on Quranic and pure Islamic teachings.

Seyed Sirajuddun added that if the Muslims had followed Imam’s guidance and avoided sectarian divisions, they could have easily handled the tough situations in the contemporary world.

Consulate General of Iran at Hyderabad Hassan Nourian said that several books are needed to be compiled in order to highlight the various intellectual and spiritual perspectives of Imam Khomeini’s life. He also hailed the great Imam for establishing the first perfect democratic and religious system.

A book written by Hadi Ali in English language was also inaugurated and displayed at an exhibition on the sidelines of the summit. The precious book highlights Imam’s dynamic thought and various aspects of his unprecedented personality.





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