Independence and self-sufficiency from viewpoint of Imam Khomeini

Independence and self-sufficiency from viewpoint of Imam Khomeini

The Holy Quran, as a divine revelation and guidance for Muslim charter, stresses the need for an all-out independence of the Muslim society through several verses.

Although in the current era of cultural globalization and international economic exchanges, the countries and nations cannot fully rely on the national and domestic economy.

 But still relying on domestic means and utilizing the national sources and assets of a country can greatly relieve that nation from depending on others

This is a reality that our country had practically been on the path of dependence on foreign powers from a political perspective before the victory of the Islamic Revolution in 1979.

 The then Pahlavi regime was unable to make any independent decision without the permission and coordination of the Western world, especially the administration of the United States. It also needed to execute the certain dictated policies by the US and others to maintain the initial throne of the monarchy.

From an economic dimension, the US-led Western countries had turned Iran into a consuming and dependent country by not selling very basic technologies to it.

 In addition, the presence of thousands of military, security and industrial advisers and experts, especially in the field of heavy industries such as oil and petrochemicals, displayed the real intention of the US-led West which did not want to see Iranians as an independent and self-sufficient nation.

In such a situation when all resources and power of a nation was being used in the interests of foreigners,   Imam, with unparalleled courage and deep understanding of existing events and with extraordinary understanding of history, emerged as an unprecedented personality.

 Imam by relying on the clear sources of Islam lit a lamp and showed a ray of hope to restore the forgotten honor and dignity of the great nation and foiled all dark plots hatched by vicious powers.

Imam Khomeini’s comprehensive leadership drew Iranians' attention towards all aspects of independence, including political, cultural, economic, military and even intellectual.

Self-sufficiency, despite its various definitions in the culture of the Islamic Revolution, includes all areas and arenas. A review and look at the words as well as the political will of the late Imam can better show the different dimensions and strategic depth of independence and self-sufficiency.

Imam in few following passages addresses the Muslims of the world as following:

"Now the deprived nations of the world have awakened, and it will not be long before these awakenings lead to uprising, movement and revolution, and they will save themselves from the domination of the arrogant oppressors. And you see Muslims who adhere to Islamic values, whose separation from the East and the West shows its blessings; And the native thinking brains are used and it progresses towards self-sufficiency. ”(Sahifeh ye-Imam, Volume 21, P. 441)

Imam said on another occasion as following:

"Do you not know that the Islamic country at that time was turned into a military base for the United States, and they behaved with it as a colony, and from the parliament to the government and the military forces were in their control, and their advisers, craftsmen and specialists what were doing with this nation and its reserves? (Sahifeh ye-Imam, Vol. 21, P. 442)

After warning about the scourge of dependence, he says:

"My testament to you all is to move forward with the remembrance of God Almighty, self-knowledge, self-sufficiency and independence in all its dimensions. And without a doubt, God's assistance is with you." (Sahifeh-ye Imam, Vol. 21, page 450)

These are just a few guidance steps from the will of a leader who addressed his nation. It all has points and lessons that are briefly mentioned:

1.      The first step on the path to independence and dignity for a nation is self-knowledge.

A nation will be able to pave the tough path of independence by knowing its position with full awareness of its capabilities and resources, and will never be alien to itself.

2.       Imam meant self-sufficiency and independence in all dimensions and perspectives. In other words, the various aspects of a country's independence such as economics, industry and politics are included.

3.      Thanks to the uprising of the great nation of Iran, which inspired an awakening of other Muslim nations, and this will pave the ground for the collapse of the oppressors and the arrogant.

4- It is worth-mentioning that if a nation by relying on God the Almighty and its efforts strives for independence and self-sufficiency, it will undoubtedly find the assistance of God behind it. And there is nothing more worth than divine support.

‏‏ ‏The final words worth to be noted is that utmost efforts must be made to achieve self-sufficiency and the desire for full independence because it is the most effective way to deal with economic pressures being exerted by the enemy.

Following the blessed life of the Imam of the Ummah, this precious advice is still frequently mentioned by his successor, the current leader of the Islamic revolution.

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